Storm Warning Until 2:13 PM!

Just flashed on my television screen…OK, I mean seriously, 2:13 PM?!

So that means I can safely go out with my metal lightning rod and stand in the pool at 2:14?

Not that I would ever doubt the accuracy of weather forecasts, but how exactly can they give warnings in a large metropolitan area down to the exact minute? Is this just a Nevada warning thing, or do they give these to-the-minute warnings in your area as well?

Usually they’re for a hour, half hour, three hours, overnight, etc. This sounds like somebody taking it over-literally. Warning goes out at 12:13 for two hours, so instead of rounding, the crawl-writer took it literally

[Napolean Dynamite]Lucky![/ND]

If you don’t appreciate the rain, send it my way.

Yes. And I’d sue somebody if it didn’t go well for you. :smiley:

Mebbe. The AWIPS (Automated Weather Information Processing Station) used by the NWS are Unix-driven wonders that pull together vast amounts of information, including radar data) to create storm vectors, etc. They also allow the meteorologists to post local warnings. It sounds like one of them got a little too precise when posting that local warning. The watches are issued by the SPC out of Norman, OK, and are usually for some number of hours.

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