Straight Dope on portable washers/dryers please.

Hi all,

I live in an apartment and currently have a load of laundry drying in the laundry room. The laundry room is typical… downstairs, far away, expensive, crowded, and doesn’t always work. :frowning:

While I’m in the mood, I would like to get opinions from people who have tried 110v washers and dryers, specifically the kind which hooks up to a sink for water (because I do not have any washer/dryer hookups).

I’m also interested in the heatless dryers… while this one seems to leave clothes “mostly dry” and is sold by a bunch of g.d. pinko hippies :mad:, I’d be willing to try it if it’s not a dumb idea. :slight_smile:

Also, would the noise bother my downstairs neighbors?


Never tried the driers but a long time ago I had a washer of the type you describe.

Hard to say whether I would recommend it. It wasn’t bad and I found it handy for underwear and having shirts ready, for example and the load was reasonable, all things considered. Definitely worth having as a standby but not a replacement for a full size washing machine.
If you get one, buy soap flakes or other low-suds powder.

I doubt that the noise would bother your neighbours. As I recall, it seemed pretty noisy when you were in the same room but I doubt that it would travel up or down too much. Also, the cycle wasn’t that long so any minor noise nuisance would be quite limited, I would say.