Straight Dope Science Advisory Board

When I read some of the older articles, all I see is a first name (possibly even a screen name). Why aren’t these folks allowed to use their real honest-to-god names and get the proper credit? There are some brilliant, well thought out articles answered by them, but a lot of the articles are signed, “David” or some other equally brief name. Let’s give these people the credit they deserve!

If people are credited that way, it’s a matter of their own personal preference. Some of my articles are attributed to my real name, some to my screen name. (Someday I should probably ask that they all be put under the same name.) At least one SDSAB member used his real name for his screen name.

Every single writer of Staff Reports can have whatever name they want (within reason…obviously it can’t be an obscene name, etc.) applied to the reports. The vast majority choose not to give their real names.

Some of us were more skittish about the internet and privacy in those early days. I actually was stalked (on line) by someone who was annoyed at my political views as expressed on the SDMB, and so was glad that I chose a pseudonym.

Do you think they want their real name google searchable with “The Straight Dope”, and all the sundry topics covered here?

Of course, some people don’t particularly care; a few users use their real names, or variants thereof.

Use my real name?
The Archbishop would kill me!

Heh… So we found the REAL Flying Spaghetti Monster at last!