Straight Dope Sig Admiration Thread

Yep, mine’s from “The State.” Wish I was that witty, but maybe if I keep quoting it without attribution…hmmmmm.

Currently I like the one that Oldscratch is using. “In the basement, ankle deep in water. I’m begging them. Don’t do this.” I know I probably screwed that one up nine ways to Sunday, but if you see one of his posts with a sig, check it out.

#1 Something about running a jigsaw in a butt hole.

#2 Something about stealing Lucifer’s shoes coat and hat.

I like stuffnb’s sig:

No, I haven’t heard about it for you see, Ive been on Mars, In a Cave, with my fingers in my ears

“His men would follow him anywhere, mainly out of morbid curiosity”

First time I saw it and each time I see it now, I burst out laughing because I can so totally relate to them because I’ve been trying to get off of this planet for quite some time now, and I imagine I’d follow someone out of morbid curiosity, particularly if it’d get me a space trip. :smiley:

I’m fixin’ to tear up this other sig, and unfortunately I can’t remember whose it is, but it goes something to the effect: I must leave this planet for at least few hours, minutes . . . today.

There’s another one about kneeling and kissing the sky or something like that.

Oh, hell, I can’t remember anything. Suffice it to say that if only I could remember, I’d share the many sigs I’ve seen that I like.

[celestina putters off to go tinker with her spaceship]

“If you want to kiss the sky you’d better learn how to kneel.” Cartooniverse’s, I believe. Wouldn’t you know it, though - for the life of me, I can’t think of what song it’s from.

I used to have a Wayne’s World haiku as my sig.
Garth: It’s like we’re looking down on Wayne’s basement, only that’s not Wayne’s basement. Isn’t that weird?
Wayne: Garth, I think that was a haiku!

Just for fun, I’m putting mine in. Once, Nacho4Sara said this great line about “boobs being so much more than big balls of fun.” I asked her if I could have it for a sig, but she never replied. Sigh…

It’s by U2, and it’s Mysterious Ways from the album Achtung Baby.

:eek: Wow…I never knew anyone even noticed!

I do write down sigs that are especially funny or clever myself. My current add-on one is just a song that has been going through my head lately. But thanks anyhow!

BTW, in response to an earlier post here - Neuro-Trash Grrl does still read the Board, occasionally. She’s just chosen not to post.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I like it, too.

FireUnderPantsBoobs & Lexicon, thank you for the clarification of Cartooniverse’s sig. :slight_smile:

I totally notice. It rocks.

Okay, I’m gonna be egotistical and say that I like the quote in mine. A wee bit of wisdom. I’m also gonna take a moment to gloat about making it onto Zenster’s list with my old “Never Divide by Zero” quote, from my math teacher.

My personal favorite is one whose owner I can’t remember at the moment. It just says “Hey, what’s this little box for?” Cracks me up every time.

The Tim, as I recall, uses this one, taken from my infamous telemarketer rant. Brings a tear to my eye every time I see it, too, let me tell you.

I like my own sig, because it causes a fair number of people to check out my incredibly witty and erudite film-review website, without a perusal of which one’s life is simply not complete. :wink:

One of those was my first sig!

I’m so happy!

I like chique’s.

“Inside me there’s a thin person screaming to get out…but I keep her sedated with chocolate.”

I also like Wolverine’s, with his very vicious one line Wolverine.

And of course, I rather like mine(I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t like it).

I like Chique’s.

Something to the effect of “Theres a thin woman inside of me screaming to be free but I keep her sedated with chocolate.”

I like mine. I’d nominate it for “Longest Used” and “Least likely to be understood, much less liked.” :slight_smile:

I think mine’s been in use longer Saint Zero. Or, at least, the first part of it.

I like CalMeacham’s old one: “It’s no paradox if I shoot YOU!”

Yeah, I like Anthracite’s. Hers and Mahaloth’s both look like they could have come from my Random Title And Name Generator. With their permission, I’ll have to add them to the mix.

I like mine because it fits on so many levels.

I like racinchikki’s, because it’s a quote from me :smiley: Unfortunately, she doesn’t use it enough–I can’t find a post with it to copy from.