Straight Dope Sig Admiration Thread

I would like to note that while nobody has mentioned any of my sigs, the term " A Wallified sig" originated with me. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked “this post created using 100% recycled electrons”. Can’t remember whose it is, but it’s damn fine.

Well, if nothing else, I beat out Kat for oldest sig. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Ya, the recycled electrons always makes me laugh, and Opal, your pudding rules. I always have to refer to a Deep Thought for my sig.

Aww, thanks Jack. Yours is definitely one that makes me chuckle. The first part of mine is something edwino said to me once, the part about the letter K is cuz one night when I was talking to oldscratch the letter K made him giggle. I keep it cuz he could use a giggle now and then.

Cervaise, I know this is very belated, but, your my hero!! lol
Personally, my fave sig is “warning cape does not enable user to fly” or something along those lines. I know it was mentioned before, but I had to write it again cuz I get a kick out of reading it! :slight_smile:

Ain’t no thang.

Tuckerfan’s caught my eye, along with a bunch of the others mentioned above.

“I’d say my job was hell, but there you only have to worry about being sodomized by demons.
Life sucks, and apparently, it doesn’t swallow either.”

I need a new one.

Hey, Ginger reminded me. For a very short time my username was Pink Slinky and my sig was “I’m pink, therefore I’m Spam.”

I have one now, although I rarely use it. Why, there it is down there right now!

Wow! Thanks, Mahaloth and malk! Didn’t realize anyone even noticed :slight_smile:

Chalk me up as an admirer of the sigs of both Rasa and Jack Batty, as well :slight_smile:

giggles I love a bunch of these has written a bunch down And I love that title generator I got a few now for my sig! I’ll rotate occassionally points at her new sig below and giggles

The “Posted with 100% recycled electrons” comes from sailor.

My latest fav is romansperson’s:

Through the modem, past the router, over the firewall… nothing but 'Net

Cracks me up.