Straight Talk/Trac Phone system down. Any info on this?

I was on the phone not an hour ago when suddenly my call got dropped. Full bars and everything. Display says “No Service”. Rebooted my phone a couple times with no change.

My phone is auto billed, had several days left before the next cycle, etc… So I know it’s not that.

My wifes U.S. Cellular phone is up and running.
Any info on what’s going on with the Straight Talk/Trac Phone system?

You can check your balance and service end date here, to see if that’s an issue, even if it shouldn’t be.

I had a similar thing happen with a TracPhone once. Call just faded out and dropped away. Retired several times and it wouldn’t work. No problems since so I’m afraid I have no solution.

My Trac Phone is fine.

Yeah, after having this service for 10 years I didn’t know that. :wink:

According to a special web site I found most of the east coast is down as well. My phone just came back on line.

Never, ever had a problem with this service before like this.