Straightening/Relaxing Hair

hey, i’ve got a pretty shallow question here, but maybe someone can help me out? anyway, i used to relax my hair using this product that loaded it up with chemicals, and i don’t want to keep using it since my hair has kind of stopped growing. but it’s completely out of control!! (i have a tendency to ramble on and on, bear with me please. i won’t get to my actual question till way later on so you may want to scroll.) using straightening balms and shampoos doesn’t really work, because my hair has a tendency to curl outwards instead of inwards. THIS REALLY DRIVES ME NUTS. so here i am wearing a bun or ponytail every single day, but my hair looks really nice when it’s down and straight. it’s really thick, wavy, and frizzy, and i’ve used like everything. things i’ve tried: frizz-ease, so straight, curling irons (the straightening method from the YM that’s pink and has scott foley on the cover), steam straightening thingie madoos, you name it. the only thing that really worked for me is dark & lovely no lye relaxer.
MY ACTUAL QUESTION IS: is there any natural, herbal way that i can relax my hair? i want it straight and curling inwards. PLEASE help me, it’s getting on my last nerve. =(

So, is this question related to a Straight Dope column? If not, I’m going to move it to General Questions.

hm… ur right. i’m quite sorry. =) move away!

You used the word “shallow” so I’m moving it to the “Mundane Pointless” board. No offense!