Stranded with Cash Peters

Does anybody else watch this? I find it very entertaining and think Cash Peters is a great host, he can be funny, actually a bit un-PC, but also genuinely seems to find affection for the people he is visiting with. I also like that he is a reluctant adventurer/traveler. He actually seems scared to do some of the things he eventually does. Clearly he finds it a bit easier chatting up folks and getting them to do things for him, given there is always a camera about.

I know there are some folks who hate the show and hate Cash Peters, even calling him a homophobe, which is quite interesting considering he himself is gay.

Yesterday was a great example of why I like it, he was dropped off in Kenya, in the bush. He befriended a tribe there and it was all as you expect of Maasai tribe living, he then is taken on a min-safari and later they go to a shack/pub in basically the middle of nowhere. And who’s there? Many of the men form the Maasai tribe, sitting back, drinking beers.

I like the show. I saw one he did on Coober Pedy…I wanna move my coffee shop there.

Oh, great! This is back on, and I would’ve missed it if I hadn’t seen this thread. Thanks!

And I’m convinced he’s the voice of Stewie Griffin! :cool:

I was watching the Kenya show tonight with my wife. When the tribesmen were teaching him to throw the spear I said “I’ve never seen a man suck so badly at so many things.”

I like the show. Sometimes Cash is a bit much, but I think you get to see a side of a town you normally wouldn’t see in a travel show.