Show about tribe members visiting the US

This weekend I caught a small bit of a show where they took five men from a remote pacific island tribe and sent them to live with five families in the US. One was in the midwest, one on a working ranch, and one in Orange County. It looked very interesting and also fairly funny.

I’d like to watch more, and I think they were running promos for the new season. Problem is I don’t know the name, nor do I know what channel it was on. I assumed it would be Discovery or History or National Geographic, but I can’t find anything close on their sites. I tried Googling and got nowhere so I though I’d turn to the Dope.

Thanks in advance.

Never mind… I found it. It is “Meet the Natives” and is on the Travel Channel. I guess why I hadn’t heard about it is due to the fact it hasn’t started yet. It premiers Nov 29. I guess what I saw was a promo for it. It does look like it will be good though.

It’s an American adaption of an award-winning British series by the same name which aired a couple of years back. The visitors in both series coming from the island of Tanna.

The same production company is also working on another show, this time sending a group of Amish youths to Britian.

Wait, the Amish are actually going to meet the English?

The British series was very very good, by the way.

I’m really looking forward to this. Based on the preview I saw it looks really funny and interesting. I liked the way they looked at things we take as normal as really strange. One of my favorite lines was when they took them to a spa in Orange County, and the “therapist” asked one as applying some mud pack… “now, don’t you want to look 10 years younger?” He responded very seriously “No, I’d rather live 10 years longer.”