What NPR program is this from

A few months ago I was listening to a podcast of NPR (I believe either this american life or the story, but I also listen to fresh air. But I doubt it was fresh air).

It was about a group of people who still lived a tribal lifestyle in the Jungle who were taken to London to view all the new technology. At first the guy who takes them is worried they will be too impressed by it, but he is shot down by other experts who call that POV cultural chauvinism. When they get to London they ride the giant ferris wheel and make comments about how in London the financial buildings are bigger than the houses of worship, how people spend too much time at work and not enough with family, how disconnected people seem, etc.

Then they say the only technology they take back with them to the jungle is the idea of putting feathers on their arrows to make them shoot more stable.

Also someone connected with the tribal group contacted one of the Londoners via facebook.

Does anyone know what NPR program this was?

I catch just about every **This American Life **and I don’t recall that one.

Can’t help you on the NPR front, but the whole thing sounds like the setup for the BBC show “Meet the Natives”, in which five men from Tanna, a small island in Vanuatu, visit the UK and see what life is like there. Fascinating show, and highly recommended.

It was on The Story on October 25th.

-MP3 of the episode
-Archive page with the summary of the episode
-Documentary about the tribe in question