"Real American Stories"? No, but something like that

I’ve been (happily) living a commercial-free, itune-enabled life for the past 3 months. While visiting my mom this weekend, I saw an ad for a series that I had been interested in checking out from a few months back, when I still lived in GA and had cable.

It is a series of documentaries about “eccentric” yet “every day” people from all locations and walks of life across the US. The only specifics that come to mind are that one subject was an older gentleman who was running for public office in Texas, and was openly gay.

So what is the show actually called? What station carries it? Is it on itunes?


This American Life? Dunno, never heard it, just heard descriptions of it.

This American Life’s Showtime series? If so, it’s just been released on iTunes.

The radio show’s been going on for over 10 years now, and those episodes are also available via iTunes.

Yes, that’s it. Thank you. Not the best combination of words for searching. I don’t know if the same folks are responsible for the radio version of the show or not, but I’ve always enjoyed the NPR show too.