Strange Browser Behavior

Windows 7 running Google Chrome browser

Dual Core AMD processor and 4 gigs of RAM

For some reason when I’m browsing around the net, then decide to return to my homepage ( I get strangely varying load times. My internet speed is more than sufficient, as it is practically instant no matter what else I do on the net, be it load a web page I visit often or load a brand new page which has no cache to pull from.

But, if I were to right now click my browser’s “home” button to go back to Yahoo, it will completely stall out in a perpetual load cycle…sometimes it will just take a long time. Strange thing is, if I close the browser, then restart it, my home page will open instantly again.

Any idea where to look for a cause to this? Could it be as simple as just cleaning out my browser history and getting rid of cookies? I’ve done that and it didn’t seem to help much. This has never happened before and I’ve done that pretty regularly…seems like a new problem to me. :confused:

Try a different browser and see if you still have the same problem. That will narrow it down a bit.