Strange colors

I think there may be something wrong with my monitor and/or adapter.

Apparently the colors I see on my computer look different in other people’s computers, and I have serious trouble with dark things. Some dark pictures look totally black, when apparently other people can see them totally fine. Is there any settings I can tweak to make it look better? (Running XP, with a ASTVision 7L monitor, and geForce mx420 adapter)

Is this in games?

If so, use the game’s graphics setting to jack up your brightness. It’s a common problem.

Look for “gamma” in the adapter advanced properties. It’s proably at 1.00. Try kicking it up to 1.10 or 1.20 or so.

Also, head over to DisplayMate and pick up a copy of their free demo version at By the time you’ve run through this, you should be seeing more colors and details than you ever thought possible.

Some instructions you might find helpful:

Thanks guys. Everything’s lookin great now!