Computer Graphics/Pics Look Not Right

Can someone tell me what (and how to change it) setting I need to change to make graphics and pictures look right. Right now they lack proper color and appear blurry.

What kind of computer? What operating system? What kind of monitor? How exactly are the colors incorrect? Is it blurry for all types of sotware?

Did they just become blurry, etc. recently? If so, what changed?

What kind of computer? Just a normal one?
What operating system? Windows XP
What kind of monitor? KDS monitor; Etreme Flat
How exactly are the colors incorrect? All internet graphics and pictures look like they are only showing a limited number of colors. Photographs look okay until I post them on the internet, then they lack color and definition.

It’s my mom’s computer, she didn’t know they should appear more clear.

Is that CRT or LCD?

So have you checked how many colors it’s set to? Just right-click on the desktop, choose Properties and go to the Settings tab. There’s a Color Quality setting there. Also while you’re there, check the resolution and make sure it’s appropriate for your monitor.

In which software do photographs look “okay”?

So you’re saying everything off the internet looks okay, and all online graphics look bad?

It sounds like she’s using some sort of Web Accelerator software that compresses the images to make them load faster (with the side effect of having them appear uglier). What ISP does she use?

Yes, it is everything on the internet that looks bad. She uses Earthlink and Fire Fox.

The images still appear bad when I use IE, but I can right click on the image and click on restore image with full quality, then it appears the way it should. Fire Fox does not give that option. But I don’t want her to have to click on every image just to see it correctly.

Hmm… according to this page, it seems that you can check the settings by clicking on the EarthLink “Toolbox”. Then you can make the accelerator show you the pictures in their original quality (or even set the default quality to highest and always get the original pics).

Try it and see if that’s the issue.

I didn’t see your second post. Okay, so at least you know what the problem is.

This other page has a section on “How to Customize Your Settings”. Try setting the quality to “Minimum Speed (Highest Image Quality)” and see if that affects Firefox performance as well. It should, hopefully.

That was it! You’re brilliant!