Strange foreign flavors of common foods

Sorry to bust (mostly) on the Asians here, but:

You probably want to skip the ice cream in Japan.

You can get McSpaghetti in the Philippines (with Chicken McDo!).

Who knew that the humble Kit-Kat was such a versatile platform?

I would actually really like to try most of these Doritos flavors.

Blueberry Lays OTOH, not so much.

And you can wash all that down with a refreshing Cucumber Pepsi!

What other unusual flavors of ubiquitous food items have you tried, seen, or heard about?

Additionally, I’m also interested in what common American/Western foods our non-American Dopers find strange and exotic?

Those do look good; how come there are no bacon-flavored Doritos?

As of today, fried chicken and waffles.

But don’t knock those Kit Kat flavors… they’re really good.

Also, I have had both brown bread and Guinness ice cream in Ireland (delicious), and egg and bacon ice cream in the UK - it was stunningly good.

Had a buddy who went to Quangzhou, China to pick up the daughter they were adopting. They went to an “American” restaurant which, from his description, sounded like a 50s deli-style restaurant with a bunch of pictures of famous American celebrities and period-correct decor hanging up everywhere. While looking at the menu he saw a picture of soft tacos, with their spiced ground beef and shredded cheese, all wrapped in flour tortillas and oozing sour cream. He decided to order them.

When they were brought to the table, he picked one up and took a big bite. It was then that he realized the differences between Eastern and Western cuisine. The ground beef was cooked in what he described simply as ketchup. The shredded cheese was shredded tofu. And the sour cream? Was whipped cream or some other whipped dairy topping. He didn’t say they were bad, just not what he was expecting.

I don’t know but some of those are cracking me up. I guess they don’t have ranches in the Netherlands (“Cool American” flavor)? And what is “Winter Cheese” exactly? And #35, I’m not sure I want to know what that is, but I can’t stop laughing at it.