Unique Potato Chip Flavors

OK, in the US, these are pretty much the standard flavors:

Plain (Salt)
Salt & Vinegar
Sour Cream & Onion
Cheese/Sour Cream & Cheese

Here in Europe I’ve seen (and tried):

Chicken (tastes like bouillion cubes)
Beef (dittos above)
Ham and Horseradish (tastes like Easter)
Ketchup (?!?!)
Sea salt and balsamic vinegar
Sour cream and dill (similar to American dill & vinegar)
Curry (specifically, chip-shop curry)

What other odd flavor concoctions are out there have you dopers discovered?

In South Africa we get Fruit Chutney flavour.

Well as I pointed out in my very first post on the SDMB…I have had :shudder: grape AND cherry potato chips…let me tell you they stayed on the market place for about a week before someone went…errr fruit flavoured potato chips…not a good thing…


In Ireland I was introduced to the wonder that is Cheese and Onion flavored potato chips. MMMMMMM!!! Two great tastes that taste great together. Now I see that Pringles has “introduced” Cheese and Onion potato chips to the US. In the last 6 mos or so, at least in my area. Man those things are great!

I particularly like the Old Bay flavored chips you can get in the Baltimore MD area (and probably farther afield). They usually have a graphic of a crab on the bag, though they’re not actually crab flavored, just Old Bay flavored. Mmmmmm. Super salty and yummy.

I also liked some chips I had in Australia called Burger Rings. They were kind of oniony and beefy and ketchup-y. Pretty darn good.

BTW: I dropped an email to Pringles to ask when they’d make Paprika flavored Pringles available in the US. They’re pretty good, too.

Ooo…Old Bay Chips…that sounds like such a GOOD idea. I wish I lived in the Maryland area…

Dill Pickle flavor chips. I don’t know how uncommon they are, but I don’t see them everywhere. They are perfect.

Don’t forget Pringles Pepperoni Pizza flavor. Ecch. My kids love 'em.

Dill Pickle is good, pretty much like the Salt N Vinegar.

Jalapeno is one of my favs, but I guess that falls under “Spicy”, eh?

crab chips (Utz)

and these, which I have not seen personally:
Limon tangy lime

from a site that does NOTHING else except extensively write about this sort of stuff:

I stopped at a gas station in the boondocks here in Michigan and found mustard and onion flavored potato chips. Tasted like a hot dog - actually pretty good stuff, despite my initial hesitation.


The mighty Cheese ‘n’ Onion. Always ask for Golden Wonder, accept no inferior substutute.

Other common flavours are:

Salt ‘n’ Vinegar
Ready Salted
Worcester Sauce
Tomato Sause
Sausage ‘n’ Tomato
Smokey Bacon
Spring Onion
Pickled Onion
Beef ‘n’ Onion
Prawn Cocktail
Sour Cream ‘n’ Onion

The one flavour you can’t get, curiously, is Peanut. I love peanut, always eat way too much when I’m in Europe mainland.

*Note the vital role of ‘n’. Crisps do not combine flavours, they ‘n’ them.

From a local potato chip maker, I’ve seen “cheezborger” flavor chips. If you’ve seen the classic Saturday Night Live sketch with John Belushi, then that explains it. It was modeled after a real bar and grill (and real guy) in Chicago, the Billy Goat.

Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips (world’s best potato chips!) have a “Coney Island” flavor. Tastes pretty much like a hot dog with mustard.

I’ve had the crab chips, too. Not bad. When I was in Canada I was introduced to Ketchup Chips. Damn, those were good! Pretty salty, though. And fire-engine red!

Purd Werfect, I’ve had those Dill Pickle chips. They were great, but I actually had found them at Ames (a cheap department store) as a one-time thing, and now I can’t find them anymore. I can’t even remember the brand name of them to try and find them online. Do you remember? Wasn’t it Uncle Something?

Well, after doing a search on “dill pickle potato chips,” several companies seem to make them. I don’t think any of the ones I’ve found are the same one I’ve tried, though…

Ah, found it! Uncle Ray’s!

Those Utz Crab Flavored chips are also great. And another that I wouldn’t quite call “unusual,” but which is really tasty is the Poore Brothers Habanero Pepper flavored chips.

I have had these, and the are as nasty as they sound.

I see Ferrous mentioned Tim’s “Coney Island” flavored chips. I always imagined it to be just like Coney Island itself would taste if you licked it. I think it’s perfect for that – a bit of hot asphalt, a crumpled hot dog wrapper, garbage juice spilled on the ground, and the sweat of a hundred years’ worth of summer tourists. And yes, I do really like the chips.

Tim’s also have (or had) a “Steak & Potatoes” or maybe just “Steak” flavor – tasted like A1 poured onto potato chips. Really awful.

In just the vending machines at my school, there’s dill pickle chips, jalapeno chips, and occasionally ketchup chips. The ketchup chips aren’t exactly rare–I can buy them at some grocery stores.

The dill pickle chips were a bit weird to see, though. I haven’t worked up the nerve to try them yet. I can’t believe they’re all that popular.


I just got back fro Schlotzky’s where I tried…

cracked pepper potato chips.

They were really good, but very peppery (imagine that).

I seem to remember having Sausage pizza flavored chips.