chip flavors

My favorite chip flavor is cheese and sour cream
What flavors that aren’t out there now would you like to see? Or eat?

Deeeelissssseeeeoussss. Dill Pickle! Although people complain that I am un-kiss-able after I’ve had a few.

Right now, I love salt and vinegar. I’d love to see any flavor of chip with out MSG (that’s monosodium glutamate for anyone who doesn’t know)!!! They put it in so many flavors and I am allergic to it!! So I’d love to have sour cream and chives, or barbeque, or any of the other good sounding flavors that already exist. Down with preseverative chemicals! :mad: Sorry for the slight hijack.

Carolina Bar-B-Q by Utz is my current favorite flavor.

– pickled onion flavoured Monster Munch
– scampi flavoured Scampi Fries
– chilli flavoured McCoys
– sea salt and black pepper Kettle Chips
– salt and vinegar Discos
– sour cream and onion Pringles

Another dill fan here! I’m also a fan of the new Doritos flavor, Four Cheese Doritos. Last year they came out with Salsa Verde, which I liked as well, but I can’t seem to find them anymore – they either stopped making them quickly, or my store stopped carrying them. Ruffles The Works and Buffalo Wing flavors are also top notch, as are just about any Cheddar and Sour Cream varieties.

As to flavors I’d like to see … hmmm, good question. I’d like to see a TRUE spicy flavor – all the ones out now are wussy spices, not NEARLY enough kick to them. One company (can’t remember the name) even came out with a habanero flavor, but it didn’t come close to making my eyes water. Sigh.

My least favorite chip flavors are cow chip and buffalo chip.

Utz crab chips. Ummm.

(For the uninitiated – no, they are not crab-flavored, they’re just coated in Old Bay seasoning.)

I was once addicted to (can’t remember the exact name) Nacho Cheese flavored Cheetos. They had the same organge color as the regular Cheetos but they had a darker organge (very tasty) substance sprinkled on them. I havent seen any for around 8 years.
First they get you hooked and then…

My favorite chip is currently Lay’s Smoky Bacon. I am also partial to Cheddar and Sour Cream. One type I had in the UK was Haggis crisps (chips). They were really nasty. However, first prize for the worst chips I ever ate were Prawn chips from Korea. My cats, however, loved them and finished the bag.

Baked Lay’s Barbecue, but you can’t buy them out here, which really gravels me. Okay, you can buy them, but only at Subway in the little single-serving bags. They don’t sell them in the grocery stores. When I drove back east this summer, I bought five big bags to take home with me. I love them. Mmmmmmmmmmm . . . .

Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion chips, which, as a kid I loved to eat with a big glass of <urk> chocolate milk to wash 'em down.

I have since gained maturity and, thank God, taste.


I miss the nacho Cheetos too :frowning:

Right now, my fave is Sharp Cheddar Lay’s. Yum!


I love any flavor Pringles. But they need a nacho cheese flavor.

First of all I have to say I desperately miss Ruffles Cajun Spice Flavor, they rocked! I do like the occasional dill chips or even those hawaiian onion kettle chips. I did find something out in St Louis I can tloerate quite well, Ripley’s Habenero chips, if ya like HOT as hell and can find em, get em!
By the way, I really do like potato flavor, the other stuff kinda heightens it. If I could make my own flavor, I’d go with roasted garlic, and bacon flavored chips myself. (They go great in mashed taters!!)

Last time I was in England, I became addicted to these prawn flavor chips–they were so good! I would love to have those again!

Lay’s Salt and Vinegar or Tostitos Hint of Lime.

I’m never annoyed by someone taking the last of the bag, 'cause I’m the only one here who likes them.

They’re all mine! HAHAHAHA!!

Plain (I prefer Ruffles[sup]®[/sup] brand).
Anything else messes with the flavor of the dip.

Though I do miss Wise[sup]®[/sup] Potato Chips (the ones in the big canister).

I like Cape Cod potato chips. Either plain or Sea Salt and Vinegar. Are Cape Cod chips available out west?

I only like plain chips. Lots of salt. Pringles, Ruffles, or plain. Yummy.