What's your favorite potato chip?

Flavor, and brand if you know it.

Mine is salt and vinegar. Mmmm… I can’t remember the name of my favorite brand, but anything ‘kettle-cooked’ is good.

I really couldn’t pick a favorite. Lays Salt and Vinegar is good, I’m sure there are better brands, but I tend to buy what I can find easily in the supermarket. There are days when what I really want is Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar, some days I want Ranch flavored, sometimes I want the sour cream and onion chips. Depends on what I got last time and what I’m in the mood for. I don’t care as long as it’s got some artificial flavor powder spread all over it. :wink:

Although, home made plain chips are pretty darn good when my desire for chips overwhelms my natural aversion to the work involved.

I like potato chips. I also like to eat them seldom enough that they are a special treat when I do get them.

I love Rrrruffles with their rrridges. Also, Pringles, plain. I’ve been laying off the chips. Honestly, I think I prefer Cheez-its, but that’s more of a cracker.

Oh, how could I not mention sour cream & onion? That is a close second.

Easy: Krunchers Barbeque. After that Ruffles with french onion or green onion dip. No dip? No, thanks.

Tato Skins, any flavor.

I think the brand is “Kettle Cooked.” The flavor: Buffalo Bleu. Runner up: Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno.

I used to like KAS Barbecued Potato Chips, but I don’t think KAS exists anymore. These days, on the rare occasions that I risk my cardiologist’s ire, I go for Old Vienna Barbecued Potato Chips. Whoops, apparently the correct name is Red Hot Riplets…guess I don’t pay close enough attention.

Lay’s Dill Pickle (I can find them only intermittently, but I love them), any salt and vinegar, or Pringles Sour Cream and Onion.

Great - now I am hungry… :frowning:

Tim’s Cascade Style. Either the Pickle flavor or the Alder BBQ, but they don’t make either any more. Or I can’t find them around here. :frowning:

So now I make do with Route 11 Dill Pickle Flavored.

Roast Chicken Flavour. I thinks it’s from Lays.

Utz brand, no other will do. They’re available on-line, but the physical distribution area is very limited.
Grandma Utz’s Kettle Cooked Chips are the best.

Pringles, lightly salted.

Regular potato chips (with the bubbles), I can’t stand. They taste like ass to me.

Sunchips’ Roasted Sweet Chili!!! They are fantastic.

Zapp’s Cajun Crawtator. With an ice-cold diet Coke.

Wise brand regular chips. . .though they used to have more brown edges than they do now. I liked the brown edges.

Eagle brand barbecue chips. Loved 'em, but they’re like 15-years gone.
(Google search)

Oops, looks like they’re back. I haven’t seen or tried them since they were bought up by Frito-Lay, and they’re not available within a hundred miles of here, so they might as well be gone. I’ll keep an eye out for them though.


Krunchers Hawaiian Sweet Onion. Yum!
Don’t like any chips with ridges.

Wise New York Deli chips.

My favorite are Ruffles All-Dressed. Not only are they great on their own, but if you use plain yogurt as dip for them, the flavors combine wonderfully. This new taste isn’t much like the chips nor like the yogurt, but it’s goooood. Then when the bag is almost empty, I dump all the tiny chip fragments into what’s left of the yogurt, mix it all up, and eat this new concoction with a fork, and it’s goooooooooooood.

Do Doritos count? If so, then the Hot Wing/Blue Cheese collision.