chip flavors

I like classic potato chips – not Pringles, nor Ruffles… just the plain, old fashioned, boring chips. My favorite brand is Granny Goose, but you can’t get them here, so I settle for Utz or Lays. I will eat a B-B-Q chip in a crunch, and I actually rather like the regular Sun Chips, but I dislike most flavored chips. God, I’m dull.

Another vote here for Salt and Vinegar. Once I start eating them, it’s hard to stop. One of the grocery stores that I go to has a bowl of them out as samples. Strangely, I find myself walking by several times during a shopping trip.


Boring, I know, but I love 'em.

Back home, we had the most wonderful Spring Onion flavour, but I can’t find em here anyplace. I dunno what the world’s coming to.

Snyders of Hanover’s Kosher Dill are the chips of the gods.

Not sure, but I just discovered that the good Chopper carries them. Yummy. I opened a bag just before I opened this thread.

There are some health food stores around here that sell “dirty” potato chips.
By this they mean made with no additives, or not homogenizing the potato, I think.
But they are good.

piri piri would be the greatest chip ever made.

Sour cream and onion, ruffled or flat, is my favorite flavor. Has been since I was old enough to trot over to the corner store and plunk down my quarter for a mini-bag. I also like plain chips, preferably non-ruffled. I usually buy Lay’s, because that’s what the store nearest my apartment carries.

Hokienautic, I don’t know where you are, but when I was a kid you could find super-hot chips in the northeast US, courtesy of Bon-Ton (I think). Ooooh, were they hot… I wasn’t really used to spicy stuff at that age so maybe they wouldn’t strike me the same way now if I could find them, but they were bright red (to indicate heat, dontcha know) and they caused me pain.

“Dirty” potato chips do not have the skins removed. They are washed, sliced and fried/baked/whatever as nature made 'em - jacketed. Most of them do not have added preservatives and such.
And yes, they are good. (Now you’ve shamed me into a special trip over to Chanberlains for ‘dirty potato chips’ - I was going to BK, but I suppose healthy is better.)

Kilgore, what is/are piri piri, and is/are it/they singular or plural? Sounds illegal/immoral/fattening.

Does anyone remember Doritos had a taco bell flavored chip?
Do they still?
It was pretty accurate, flavor-wise.
I LOVE the chips where they have those bubbles filled with oil. mmmmmmmmmm

As far as I’m concerned, the best flavor in the world is Snyder of Hanover’s Grilled Steak and Onion.

[Homer]Mmmmmmm,steak and onion. . .aaaaaaaaaaaaagh. . . [/Homer]

Barbecue. Oh, and there’s this type of chili and lime chip that I’ve bought before in Mexico that rocks my snax world.
As a kid I was a mega fan of those furry-with-cheese type Doritos…I once ate 7 big packets over a weekend (and nothing else).

The best potato chip ever made comes from South Portland, Maine. The brand was Humpty Dumpty, and while they had an EXCELLENT Bar-B-Q chip (it is what I grew up on, and I have found nothing comparable), their best flavor by far is Sour Cream and Clam… yes, CLAM.

I used to be able to order them by the case from their website (, and it was a quaint, homey site. I go there now and there is all this crap about a new image and no online store to be found. Next trip to New England I guess I better make sure there is room aplenty on my credit card so I can stock up for the decade.

I’m not sure if they carry them in stores out west. I do know that they ship a lot of their salt from California and Washington state, if memory serves. I did a report on that company for a class last spring. Cool company, and great chips :slight_smile: I know that here in TN, they carry only thier plain flavor :frowning:

If you ever get a chance try their dark russet variety. Cooked slightly longer, extra crunchy. It’s like a crunchy orgasm in a bag.

My fav would have to be Lay’s Salt and Vinegar. Though I notived about three years ago they downgraded the punch of the vunegar. It used to be, you would open the bag, breath in real hard at the opening, and you could feel your throut burning. Not anymore. Still good, though.
I also love BBQ. Lay’s used to have 2 BBQ flavors, one was KC Masterpiece, the other was a spicy BBQ that I loved A LOT better, but I can only find the KC Masterpiece BBQ now.
If I’m in the mood for a plain, salty chip, I turn to Muncho’s. They are oh so light and crispy, and loaded with salt.

:slight_smile: ketchup chips :slight_smile:


YES, these are great! I buy them whenever I visit my sister in Baltimore. Can’t get them here in Boston. They have enough salt in them to give me a serious headache, though. Yum yum!

When I was in Ireland, I tried Cheese and Onion flavor chips(I don’t remember the brand, but it was the same brand as some strange Worcestershire Sauce flavored chips). They were great, and I wish they sold them in the states.
I noticed that PRINGLES had Cheese and Onion flavor in Ireland, but I’ve never seen them here. The Paprika flavor Pringles were really good, too, and I’ve never seen them in the states.

I have a friend in Australia who brings me chicken flavor chips and Burger Rings when she visits. Weird but delicious.

Hey, kellibelli, are you Canadian? I heard that ketchup chips are only sold in Canada ('cause that’s where they’re welcome). Probable UL.

I’ve recently discovered wasabi chips. Eat too many at once, fry your nose hairs off.

I have seen the Cheese and Onion Pringles in Texas, but not in the last few months. I’ve never seen Paprika chips, though.