Unique Potato Chip Flavors

The vending machine downstairs has Chili & Cheese Doritos… Just as nasty as the real thing.

A local deli here in NJ is carrying “Death Rain” brand Habenero pepper chips. I bought a (small) bag and wasn’t able to get more than a third of the way through it.

When I drove to Chicago in late January, I encountered Buffalo Wing chips, Barbecue Rib chips and Steak and Onion Chips. I think they were by Snyder’s of Hanover.

Wish I could find them here in NYC.

Oh, I have had the Buffalo Wing flavored chips. They are extremely odd, yet tasty. Pretty much imagine a flavor combination of chicken bouillion (sp?) and tabasco sauce. I think I was the only one in my whole company who bought them, cause they didn’t restock 'em. :frowning:

yogurt and green onion. quite yummy

Lay’s made a Lime & Chile flavored before & they were great. Well, I liked them. No one else I knew did…

Futile Gesture how could you forget Branston Pickle? :slight_smile:

I’ve had both the Snyders of Hanover steak-and-onion and hot dog-and-mustard chips. I loved them, but apparently they’re no longer sold in the DC area. :frowning:

My favorite among currently available flavors is Herr’s Red Hot chips. Don’t know what kind of chili pepper they use, but it really lights up your mouth. I always eat an entire 5.5-ounce bag at one sitting (and have to wash my hands afterwards because of the red food coloring).

Poore Brothers makes Steak and Onion, Parmesan and Garlic, and Smokehouse Cheddar, among other flavors.

Godlike potato chips. Yum.

I like the Poore Brothers chips, very tasty.

I also like nearly all the Terra Chips. Their root chips include taro, yuca and parsnip. I’m also particularly fond of the Red Bliss Sundried Tomato with Balsamic Vinegar.

I’m really craving some chips now, darn it.

I like Lay’s Limon Tangy Lime.

Growing up in Maine, Humpty Dumpty made the best potato chips. The spices used for Bar-b-Q were exquisite, but could not surpass the tastiest flavor of them all…

Sour Cream n’ Clam

It is a shame that the Canadians bought the plant (no offense) and I cannot have them shipped to my home as cheaply as I once could =(

In Japan, seaweed (nori) flavor is pretty popular, as is soy sauce.
There are also several varieties of chicken and beef consomme.

Salt and Vinegar isn’t foriegn to the US. Many chips have this flavor, and have for years.

I’ve seen Japanese plum flavoured ones too. DEFINITELY not my cup of tea.

Actually, I haven’t been able to eat chips since I was pregnant with my first. My taste buds changed or something. Very strange.

Definately. Especially when eaten alongside a toasted rueben sandwich and washed down with cream soda.

Like Odieman, I lived in an area where fruit flavoured chips were being test marketed. I remember orange and grape.

I found out in a thread a couple of weeks ago that American didn’t have Ketchup chips - I thought that was odd, but accepted it.

Now I am to believe you also don’t have Dill Pickle chips?! You people are weird.

Regarding weird flavours I have seen - I once had Fries and Gravy chips. They were awful - and I still can’t really figure out why you would think that was a good flavour for chips.

In the UK, probably late 1980’s, some fool marketed hedgehog flavoured crisps…not an outstanding commercial success, although I can vouch that the taste was uncannily accurate.:rolleyes:


Yes, we do! There’s ketchup chips and dill pickle chips here. My brother and sister used to be little ketchup chips fiends, though I think they’re pretty nasty. I note that the ketchup chips were from a local brand, so they might not be all over the country. But we do have them. The dill pickle chips are even more rare, but I know where I can get them if I ever actually wanted to try them.