Strange, funny, unusual things that you didn't notice for a long time?

I work for the local newspaper in the packaging department. We spend everyday pre-inserting advertisements and other sections of the paper that can be assembled before that days news is printed. (Front page news and sports mostly, which are printed the same night.)

Yesterday, (Friday), I was standing at the strapping machine which assembles the bundles and moves them on a conveyor belt out to the loading dock where they’re put on the delivery trucks. We were doing inserts for the Saturday edition. I was reviewing the distribution orders for the day and at the top of the sheet it said “Saturday Distribution”. Or at least it should have.

Instead it was abbreviated and it just said “SADIST”. This made me stop for a moment, and look at it again just to be sure I had read it right.

I had. And a million jokes about my coworkers ran through my head. Sadly, none made it any further than that.

I’ve worked in this department for almost two years now and this was the very first time I had ever noted this rather unfortunate abbreviation.

Not groundbreaking or anything I know, but I got a chuckle out of it.

So, I know I’m probably just oblivious, but what are some other dopers stories about strange, peculiar things that seemed to fly right under your nose for far too long? At work or otherwise?

In Chicago, there’s a line in “Cell Block Tango” where one of the murderesses talks about her cheating man: “He went out looking for himself and along the way he found Ruth, Gladys, Rosemary…and Irving.” It wasn’t till the second time I saw it that I thought to realize that Irving is a guy’s name. And I’ve listened to this song, like, over and over, hundreds of times.

Wow, I love Chicago. I own the movie version on DVD and I’ve watched it a hundred times. I know exactly the line you’re talking about and that never occurred to me! Irving IS a guy’s name!

That’s so weird! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Not that it was a guy, but that I had never made that connection before.)

me: Listen to those birds singing away out there! A cardinal, a blue jay, and a robin - over and over, like they’re taking turns! (gets up to go look, doesn’t see aforementioned songbirds), That’s funny, I hear them but I don’t see them.

neighbor: That’s because you’re hearing a mockingbird, Sal.

Maybe it’s the fact that she says it so matter of factly? It’s not like “Irving–haha…rim shot!” But the second time, I think a few people around me chuckled or something, and maybe that’s why it clicked. Ohh. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Really? That was obvious to me the second I heard it. It’s clearly stressed in order to sell the joke.

While living in Chapel Hill, NC I often crossed from the post office on Franklin street to wander on the beautiful campus of UNC. I had been there for a while when one day I noticed a sign that had always been there at the crosswalk which wasn’t more than 50 yds from the main cross intersection. It said “Walk with Light”. After that I always crossed there instead of at the corner. I liked the idea of ‘walking with light’ through life.

Just the other day I noticed a string of letters on the middle row of a keyboard:


Two sets of three consecutive letters; and what separates the two sets is the missing letter I. Nowhere else on the keyboard do two consecutive letters touch, unless you count N and M, but they are out of alphabetical order.

I must have seen the FedEx logo a thousand times before I noticed the arrow. :smack:

Close: [O] [P]