Dopers in Unexpected Places

This morning I saw tdn on the subway. Specifically, some vandal had scratched the letters tdn into the window on the subway, but when I saw it I immediately began looking around as if it were a sign that a doper was riding the train with me. Then it dawned on me that tdn probably doesn’t live in NYC and ride the same subway that I do, and even if he did he wouldn’t vandalize a subway car (I presume) and that even if for some reason he did vandalize the subway he was probably long gone before I got on the train.
Anybody else ever have something like this happen? Standing in an airport and hear someone yell, “Hi Opal!” or something that sent your doper senses tingling?

As a matter of fact, yes it has happened to me. I was waiting in line and I overheard part of a conversation between the couple in front of me. It sounded like they said a doper’s name. I’m not sure if I remember it correctly since it was a doper with a gibberish sounding name - like Bambi Hasenpfeffer - if that is a doper name.

If that is a Doper name, I apologize for what is almost certainly a misspelling. But the search function is locking up, so that’s gotta be close enough.

If that isn’t a Doper’s name, it was something like that. Two words that are words, but would never logically be said consecutively.

I was walking down the street with BlueKangaroo and saw a Halloween banner with a picture of Tweetie Pie, and the slogan “Twick or Tweet.”

She was less delighted by it than I was.

Once, I got an email at work asking about what we sell, and the person’s email address before the @ was Shodan99.

It wasn’t him, though.

Did that person sign with “Regards”? That would be weird.

And pbbth, you underestimate what tdn might be up to at your peril. :wink:

Oh, I thought of another one! One of the agents that works with our company is listed in our directory as C. Kilvert and I always wonder if it is Kilvert’s Pagan.

Every now and then I go past a place called Cafe Society.

I saw Philadelphia Story for the first time a year or two ago, and was surprised that one of the characters was named C.K. Dexter Haven.

I do have to wonder what NYC Doper is so obsessed with me that they’d vandalize the subway so. :dubious:

I saw this personalized license plate in Campbell, Ca: TUBA DIVA

How? California plates only have 7 digits…

I was hanging out with my friends and one of them had run to the Dep (local shop) to get supplies for the night. He returns, one of the girls says “hey, you came back!” since he’d been a while, and he said… (wait for it)

“Yeah, and I brought Pie!”

I keeled over :stuck_out_tongue:

:smack: You’re right, of course. The plate actually read TBA DIVA, which I immediately associated with the noted moderator. The impression was so strong I inserted the U in my post without even thinking.

Now that I think about it, the plate was probably should be read To Be A DIVA.

During a recent visit to Asheville, I walked by the Tupelo Honey Cafe and thought of TupeloHoney the Doper. Probably no connection, of course.

And two weeks ago while at the Des Plaines library, I saw a van from a distance, with the words Why Not in huge letters on the side. The rest of the image was partially obscured, but I bet it was a van from Why-Not Aluminum, Inc. It’s weird, I know they’re random words, but they have the same cognitive/emotional impact on me now as my actual given name, so it was like seeing “Samantha” on the side of a truck. Y’know, if I was named Samantha.

**Tracy Lord ** is another poster here, I noticed both almost immediately upon joining, but then I love the “Philadelphia Story”. What I did not realize as I don’t like it as much was that “High Society” was a remake of “Philadelphia Story”.

Come to think of it, C.K. was the person that responded to my first post.


Ha! I know where you’re from!

An article I read for class this week was partially based on the theories of a certain T. Veblen. I’m not an economist, though, so it was cool.

The posters like Democritus, Diogenes, Diomedes, etc. oddly don’t cause me a problem - I never really associate them with their ancient equivalents or the other way around.

Naw, you just know where I live … :eek:


So close :frowning:

No one ever mentions me anywhere, so I’m a little honored that you remembered my name well enough to think you overheard it.
My unexpected Doper encounter:

I was browsing through some high school friends on MySpace and I found someone with the same username as a Doper, which I assumed was a coincidence. But I messaged her, and she’s a Doper who is friends with someone I went to high school with.

Crazy, I saw the same license plate a few months back. Though the car was in San Mateo at the time. I was with a few (non-doper) co-workers, and i blurted it out. They responded with bewilderment.

edit: i PM’ed TubaDiva at the time, and it wasn’t her.

Satisfying Andy Licious has been psuedo stalking me at my retail job.
The musak voice announcer routinely talks about some fruit product being Satisfying and Delicious. and I’m like, What about all the other dopers? Huh? Huh?
So, to whom do I send the restraining order too?

I’m right outside your window right now! No, not you. You! Yes, YOU!

I know nothing about this poster but in my dream last night I was having a conversation on the boards with Beaucarnea.