Strange Logic

A friend suggested that in order to increase the safety consciousness of drivers, replacing the drivers airbag with a sharp spike might help. Well would it, if all vehicles were fitted with them ? What would be a better safety device/safer driving practice…

I would think that getting all of the skin scraped off of my face by an air bag would be enough deterrent in of itself. Those things can be pretty wicked.

What would be more illogical still is if either of you were to criticize the presence of airbags in general–without offering a more viable suggestion.

Well, I had a guy tell me once that because I’m a Pagan, I don’t get to believe in evolution.


Other than the strangeness of having a non-Pagan tell me what I’m allowed to believe, I was under the impression that evolution was a scientific theory, not a religious credo.

“I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before, that you’re lovely, that you’re perfect, and that somebody wants you.” - Semisonic, f.n.p