Strange missing post in thread

Something funny going on in this thread:

There is a post #155 at 2:26 PM (US eastern time) and then my post #156 at 3:16 PM. But Icarus posted something in between, at 2:55 PM, that appears to have disappeared – when I look at the main GD page, it shows the last post is from Icarus, and when I click on Icarus and look at his most recent posts, the post in this thread is there, but when I click on it it takes me to an unrelated thread:

I’ve never seen this before. Any ideas as to what’s going on?

There’s some weirdness right now that the powers that be are aware of and are actively trying to resolve. I saw it labeled as the last poster being Icarus as well, but did not see any posts.

I’m also seeing a problem in this thread, which has a last post by carnivorousplant on the CS main page, but which doesn’t have a post by them when I try and open the thread. Also, clicking on their name (on the CS page) leads to my user profile instead.

Tapatalk also shows the preview of a post, but clicking that instead takes me to this post.

Yeah, there’s some weirdness going on right now. Posts not appearing in forum overviews until later, reply with quote not working, etc.

Good to know that they’re aware and working on it.

Quote test:

ETA: Seems to be working now. Let us know if you are experiencing any further issues.

A post I made earlier has disappeared. Does this mean that it will reappear later, or shall I post it again?

I don’t see any hidden posts in your history. Go ahead and post it again.

It no doubt was posted on some message board in Bangladesh, to great astonishment.


Only briefly. চলমান কোচ reported it and it was deleted.