Strange restaurant lady

See, I don’t remember getting coffee top offs automatically at diners. Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention, but I swear I get asked, since I do refuse it from time to time.

Springs1 is rather infamous, as I’ve seen her in another forum I belong to in Canada. She only shows up if some shmuck starts a thread about tipping or mentions ranch dressing too much.

It’s kind of like chanting Bloody Mary in front of a mirror, only creepier.

A quick google search indicates she is still a highly active internet lunatic today, responding tocomments on blogs that she wrote over 10 years ago.

Personally I think we should invite her back. This kind of poster is message board gold unlike the current lineup of pathetic, lazy, unimaginative trolls we have today. She comes from the old school when trolls were trolls and lunatics were lunatics and only a precious few could proudly call themselves both.

The scary thing is some of her ideas aren’t all bad. It’s just they are so mixed with the batshit crazy ones it’s hard to sort out.

I lasted two whole pages. Wow! That’s some weapons grade RO there. With a soupcon of pure loonie.

I find it curious that Springs1 had their last post, all in that one thread, in 2009, but wasn’t banned until much later, in 2015. That’s weird.

Oh, really? What was the straw that unleashed the banhammer? I just assumed she was banned after that thread.

ETA: OH, I see. The last post was in 2009, but the banning was in 2015. Odd.

Words fail me.

To me that suggests that the posts which got her banned were such that they got deleted.

Could be although other than spamming TPTB don’t delete that much content. If she’d started spewing death threats that might have been delete-worthy.

Another possibility is IT-related. Somebody clicked the wrong link and re-banned her in 2015 even though she was already banned in 2009. So we’re seeing the latest [click here to ban] rather than the original one.

I generally approve, because temperature is as much a factor as cream and sweetener. Sweetener has a range of acceptable outcomes, it’s not like cream. With creamers, you add as much as you need and down what’s left in a shot.

I think the thing that surprised me most about Springs1’s posts was her casual mention of a husband.

What sort of person chooses to live with that daily?? :eek: And what sort of strange nonsense might he spew if he appeared here?

If he were here, he wouldn’t post; just lurk. He’s not used to getting a word in edgewise…

Wow, I missed that back in the day. It’s like some kind of Sovereign Citizen diatribe of nonsense rights and duties but transposed and focused into casual dining.

I feel like we had a new troll that came in in 2015 with the same weird restaurant schtick and the mods put two and two together and banned both the original restaurant troll and its new sock. Could be wrong but I can totally see that happening.

I was struggling to put my finger on what was so “special” about her schtick.

That’s the perfect description of her/it. Awesome work! Bravo Good Sir!