drewtwo99, the next time you have a question about zombies...

…go down to the brothel and ask your mother.

(Inspired by this post)

A newb is getting butthurt about a zombie joke? That wasn’t even directed at them?

Suck it up and quit being such a cry-baby.

Sure, in your family, this is code for “Stop being a pest and leave me alone,” but in the rest of the world it’s highly insulting.

Not judging your mom for turning tricks to keep food in your mouths. Just pointing out that it’s unusual, to say the least. I’m sure your mom is a lovely lady, beloved at truck stops all over the lower 48.

I’ve been pitted! For making a zombie joke. I feel like an official member here now. Maybe I should spring for a membership… or, ScarletNumber, want to sponsor me?

ScarletNumber, I just want to point out to you that you have just demonstrated that you have an extremely thin skin to a bunch of folks who practically live to poke people with thin skins, in the one forum on this board where they can do so with practically no limits. Enjoy.

At least the goddam things don’t sparkle.

Try sprinkling them with powdered aluminum before you light them next time. Fun for the whole family!

I have a question about this pitting. Are you upset with zombie jokes from resurrected threads in general? Do you dislike me for other reasons and are choosing this infraction to pit me on? Are you an anti-zombite? Are you implying that my mother works at a zombie brothel, or a brothel that specializes in zombie clientele, making her an expert on these issues?

Curious minds need to know.


Isn’t ScarletNumber an old member who recently changed usernames? :confused: Or was that someone else?
ETA: Oh yeah, and as to this pitting: wtf.

What a weak pitting.
No style, no vitriol, not even a stream of consciousness string of profanity.
One singe mother joke.


I only dislike you for the zombie joke.

Even Seven?

Man, you have a lot of people who you need to pit then, considering I only do it because I want to fit in with the ***cool ***posters who also post zombie jokes.

Also, the jokes I do are of the most derivative, ironic fashion I can possibly imagine. So I have no problem with you pitting them for being lame.

And yes, ScarletNumber is Even Seven, who is a new poster not an old one.

ETA: I got my cat declawed when she was a kitten, and has never had a normal cat life because of that. There, now you have something decent to pit me over!

A new member (been just a few weeks IIRC) who changed usernames, Even seven. Because it resembled the username of an active poster, even sven. And so they were asked to change it, which they did. To something that resembles the username of another active poster, Scarlett67. Which was grumbled about here, to my amusement.

But then this thread came along and as God is my witness, I actually, really, truly did think it was posted by Scarlett67. :smack: I need a blushing smiley.

Yeah, ok, but kinda weak. Now, if you bought her a scratching post, that would add a bit of flair.

That’s good to know.

I just want to tell everyone that it’s completely untrue that ScarletNumber is a dirty whore from Whore Island. I’d also like to point out that in no way, shape or form, is ScarletNumber a semen encrusted anal fissure. It’s just not true.

Sure, but what about her mom?

Weakass pitting. Zombie jokes are an SDMB tradition.

ScarletNumber= EPIC FAIL

It’s a weakass pitting, but the zombie jokes are really old and played out. So both suck!