How has a thread about Brain fever! gotten raised from the dead multiple times and no one has made a zombie joke!

It’s in GQ.

Yes. But it was raised twice in 2014, which is four years before the quoted post from Colibri. And (although I stopped reading it carefully quite early on) there doesn’t seem to be any acknowledgement that the OP is from 2006.

Zombies are mostly dead and thus cold-blooded (if they have any blood at all), so I don’t think they ever have “brain fever”.

It would still be a valid guess for what Sherlock Holmes meant by the term. It’s not like the person in the story had an elevated temperature.

What’s in your head? In your heaeeaaead?

It occurs to me that craisins are zombie cranberries.

Mummies. They are mummy cranberries.

I think yogurt-dipped raisins are mummy grapes. They are mummified and wrapped up in white.