Strange restaurant lady


Does anyone remember a woman who posted on many forums, including this one, about ridiculous slights in restaurants she had imagined ?

She had ludicrously strange standards, and a kind of catch phrase that was something like, “The customer demands the right.” That’s not it at all, but the kind of vibe of it.

It was really funny reading, and I was hoping to look it up again. Does this remind anyone of anything?

I’m guessing you mean Springs1

That post itself wasn’t quite that bad, but I read through most of the thread and holy shit, that them there’s some grade-A crazy! How did I miss this the first time around?

The catch phrase I always remember from her ; THE MENU IS THE GOD OF ORDERING!

That’s it!

Holy crap, that is some seriously interesting behavior!

Since this is about a poster here, I’m moving this to the Pit.

102 posts - all in a single thread.


Well, fuck me. I’m pretty sure my dear old mum didn’t have Springs1 in mind when she would shake her head and mutter, “I guess it takes all kinds”. Springs took ‘totally psycho one-trick pony’ to a whole new level.

And yeah, how the hell did I miss that the first time around??

No way I’m reading that thread if Springs1 repeats herself as much as she did in that post.
At least she’s not obsessive beyond all fucking imagination.
I wonder if she likes dinner companions who like cracking shitty jokes.

Wish I coulda thought of that as my life-long credo.
I feel existentially raped now.

No, it really doesn’t … But we got 'em!

Wouldn’t you have to have your hand shaken first?

Thanks for this! I was in a mood, and didn’t have anything good to read, and this was an excellent distraction. :smiley: I’m up to page 11…

“Do that, and I’m happy, and I tip well.”

The very words that have defined restauranting for (checking my notes) roughly three thousand years. I’d say six thousand, but my records are only so good.

Wow, somehow I had missed this thread for all these years.

That was … interesting.

In all fairness to the refill question, what if you take cream and sugar in your coffee, and when it’s two thirds full some server “warms it up for you” without asking? You’ve got the stoichiometry all perfect and everything, and now you need to add 0.4 packets of sugar and a partial tub of that creamer crap, and you know you’re getting it wrong and will have to readjust, and it turns into a whole big project. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I drink it black, so it doesn’t happen to me, but if it did happen I would hate it.

Yes, in the way that a natural disaster is interesting.

I wish I could be that passionate about anything.

Yes, I hate that.

I know, it’s something that should be part of SDMB lore. It’s even got its own catchphrase and everything!