Strange scented candles

A few of my coworkers and I spoke today about candle scents that are, possibly, too strange to exist, but whose existence would make us happy. I should like to know whether they do exist, and if we may buy them.

Sulfur (blown-out match)
Recently blown-out candle
Dust (moldy basement)


Wag- You may get a sulfur candle in a voodoo store or such.

They used to burn sulfer to purify the air so people didn’t catch the plague.

Wag- It was likely to have kept desease carrying insects away.

Sulfur was used to cover the decay smell also.

I’ve run into black candles scented as leather and as musk.

Wag- They must be for the basement bondage room. :slight_smile:

Going with the “Possibly NSFW Two Click Rule”, I give you the 8th one down here

You can get a candle that smells like dirt


I have a couple of redneck candles I received as gag gifts, one smells like Brut and the other like beer.