Strange sex scene from the Turin Papyrus

The papyrus: Wiki

What the heck is going on here? :

It looks like she’s looking in the mirror while putting on some makeup. Or something.


No idea.

I’m stunned.
Those deve Egyptians, who’da thot?

That is a rather detailed reconstruction, possibly with some hopeful projection. Have a look at a photo of the actual fragment (the scene you are asking about is on the left and is mainly [del]hole[/del] missing).

ETA: here’s another reconstruction from the above site.

It looks like a modern fake to me.
Were egyptian men circumcised?


My guess is that the “mirror” is a fan.

I guess pyramids have many more uses than I’d realized.

I would think an obelisk would be much more practical.

ralph, I had no idea you were an expert in Egyptology!:smiley:

She’s pretty clearly painting her lips while looking at it, and it’s shaped like an Egyptian mirror, and not like a fan.

With an erection that big, you wouldn’t see the foreskin even if he wasn’t! Cut and uncut men look the same once they’re erect.

But circumcision isn’t a new practice, anyway. Yes, circumcision was practiced in Ancient Egypt.

In fact I believe ancient Egypt represents our oldest documented cases of circumcision, period. Both male ( pretty definitively ) and female ( somewhat more arguable, though both Strabo and Herodotus state that they did ).

Well, you see much smaller cones that are based on solid fat and scented oils that sit on top of the head and melt - dribbling scented oil on the head and shoulders [yuckk] so I suppose it could represent a cone of fat being used as lubricant and scent?

I think the cone on top of her head is a lotus.

You’ve probably seen more penes than I, but I can tell you that this isn’t always true. Even when erect, my foreskin is more than long enough (by a couple of centimeters) to completely cover the glans. I can retract it, but it doesn’t happen automatically.

I bet it would if you had a three foot erection like the dude in the scroll, though. :wink:

Is she painting her lips or applying kohl- in effect, eyeshadow?

It is a lotus, but that isn’t the cone I am referring to in the illustration @_@

After scrolling though a few, I think the caption should be ‘objects in rear view mirror are not as large as they appear.’

Yes, y’know, I was about to say, the lady on the far right of the larger panel jjimm linked has a remarkably nonchalant expression for someone facing that sort of a challenge :eek:.