Strangest CANON crossovers?

Well, here’s a slightly odd little thread…we’ve all heard of and seen “unofficial” (In fanfic, and whatnot) crossovers involving completely disparate TV shows and movies. My query is: what is the most unusual CANONICAL crossover you’ve seen? Even counting “semi-canon” sources, Like the Animated “Star Trek,” or one-shot “What if?” comic books that may or may not take place in the official “universe.”

The oddest ones I can think of are:

Star Trek and the Man-Kzin Wars (Animated Series)
Star Trek and X-Men (Novel, Comics)
Spider-Man and Transformers
Transformers and G.I. Joe
Godzilla and the Marvel comics universe

And, perhaps, the strangest crossover at all…

Superman and He-Man

Although I’m pretty sure that THAT particular storyline doesn’t get followed up too often these days.
Can anyone think of any others? The only rule is that it has to be an “official” crossover, and it has to be pretty unusual. “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice” wouldn’t be weird enough.


Superman and Mohammed Ali

Archie meets the Punisher.



Cobra from gi joe and the post movie transformers cartoon ( where there in the future )

They have 2 or 3 episodes where the now old cobra commander allies with the decpitcons and actually tries to restart cobra in the future

In fact at the end of one you see him in a old corba uniformr and he des the battle yell

The entire Amalgam Comics world, or course, but especially “Lobo the Duck.”

The entire idea – a melding of DC and Marvel superheros – was outrageously nutty, and the combinations were a hoot.

The X-files and Cops. I know a lot of people didn’t like X-Cops, but I think it’s clever as hell.

How about “Happy Days” and “Mork and Mindy”?

WCW & Chuckie


WCW & Robocop


elfkin, I don’t think that COPS would incorporate the X-Files into their canon of real person events, nor do I think that episode involve anyone involved in COPS (that I know of).

It’s supposed to be a camara crew that’s from “Cops” not the cops from it. Everyone calls it a crossover… <shrugs>

Daredevil once joined forces with Uri Gellar . Does that count as a crossover?

The Dellon Godhead. I knew there was a link to this somewhere. Doctor Who meets The New Avengers. Stars Tom Baker and Joanna Lumley. Not nearly as good as it sounds.

Zippy the Pinhead and Bill from “The Family Circus”.

It convinced me God was dead.

Didn’t Howard the Duck mix it up with the Incredible Hulk once?

Spiderman and the original cast of Saturday Night Live.

I saw an episode of The PowerPuff Girls this week that featured the Association of World Super Men (AWSM) featuring the Justice Friends and several other superheroes including… SpaceGhost and The Blue Falcon! Then I saw an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory with the Blue Falcon guest-starring.

Do those count? How about the Simpsons episode with Mulder and Scully investigating Homer’s “close encounter”? Or the one that was done as a Prisoner episode?

Dunno, but I seem to recall a few issues featuring Kiss!