Okay… I was thinking about this after I saw a streaker at a football game. (CFL btw and we won 29 to 7 Yah! Edmonton vs Montreal) but I was wondering how many of you people have (or would) streak. Also just take into consideration if there weren’t any laws you would be breaking by doing so would you do it? Cuz there are probably some people out there who have the urge to streak and the only thing stopping them is the getting arrested for indecent exposure bit…

So… would you?

::walking past the room naked, muttering along the way::

Damn indecent exposure laws, ruin all my plans…mumble mumble mumble…

rubs her eyes and backs away slowly

Photographer: Mr Simpson, do you have any problems with nudity?
Homer: Well I don’t, but the block association wanted a traditional Santa Claus…

I don’t know if I would do it, but I did once almost get run over by a streaker. There was some sort of protest at the college I was going to and some guy decided to run across the platform in the middle of it. I was walking out of the door to get something to drink and this guy just comes flying at me trying to get into the building I had just left. I just started laughing my ass off. all through the next class that’s all the people would talk about. Yeah you might have SEEN him but he almost ran me down. what an obituary, Eddie run down by nude man.

I love being naked.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Me and Mrs. Nipples, along with friends, used to take motorcycle day trips about 15 yrs ago. We stopped for lunch near a bridge. They dared me (everyone except my wife cuz she knew I’d do it)to get naked and sit on the bridge railing and greet the cars as they passed. For every car that went by, I got a dollar. I made 16 bux before my penis retracted far enough into my body so that the on coming drivers would just wonder about what they saw.

“Why did that naked women on the bridge have hair on her chest?”

“Was that a clitoris or a mole?”

This happened in the fall…so it was a little chilly.

Small penis excuse #452

While in the Army, several other guys and I streaked the WAC baracks.

We got cheers.

I streaked not two weeks ago. It was a cool night at a golf course. verry refreshing, but nobody else would do it with me.
it’s very fun to be nude.

I was singing the old Ray Stevens song, “The Streak”, at a karaoke bar a few years ago. I ended up in nothing but my boxers and my socks by the end of the song. The crowd loved it. I loved it, so I did it again two weeks later. Sober both times. People are still talking about that, and my friends haven’t looked at me the same, since.

If it was a bet I would take the challenge
and surtenly do it.
Yeeeeeeeee, watch out here I come…

We could do it together soulsling

yeah i’ve done the streak
here’s an article about me and some friends from the University of Minnesota Daily. Names have been edited.

Headline: Streakers arrested
Publish Date: 06/15/1993

By Michael McCarthy

Staff Reporter

®RM138PT¯Saying they were just trying to enjoy the mild weather, five
men were arrested by University Police Wednesday night after they
trekked across campus completely naked.

Boxer shorts in hand, the men strolled from Northrop Mall to the
medical complex and back again before a campus security monitor
spotted them near the globe on Northrop Plaza.

Four of the men were tagged for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and
released, according to a University Police report.

The other, T.D.B., was sent to Hennepin County jail because
of an outstanding warrant, which he said was for an unpaid fine.

Ivar S., 22, said he and his friends regularly shed
their clothes for walks in public, but have never been caught by
police before.

“This is something we do once in a while,” “Ivar” said. “Being
naked is fun. It’s a good thing.”

The incident occurred two days before the appearance of
nation~ally-known “Naked Guy” Luis “Andrew” Martinez, who came to
campus speaking of a cultural conspiracy against pleasure.

“Ivar” said they weren’t out to make a statement. But he said he
and B., fully clothed, attended Friday’s talk. Martinez signed one
of their citations with a heart and the words “fight the power.”

“He does it for a cause. We just do it 'cause it’s fun,” said B.,
a 22-year-old University student. “There’s nothing wrong with being

B. said they’ve been appearing naked in public for more than four
years, frequenting such places as the Minneapolis Uptown area.

Although most of their unattired jaunts have occurred late at night,
Bruce said they have made “prime time” appearances through heavily
trafficked places during daylight hours in the past.

He said they’ve received a variety of reactions, from expressions of
shock to shouts of encourage~ment and support. Bruce recalled one
occasion in which the sight of his naked friend prompted a woman to

B. and Ivar said they don’t stroll nude or streak to be seen,
although they don’t mind the attention. “It’s a hobby,” B. said.

I hope you dopers like that!!!
I love being naked!