Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. How did this turd get greenlit?

Please. Don’t watch the trailer. You will only hurt yourself running away from it.

Of all the franchises to go back to why SF? And why with suck clearly cheesy actors, fighting and story? Who gives a shit about the legend of chun-li? If I’m forced to hear about a legend of a SF character make it someone interesting like Blanka or the Dragon Punch Twins I guess.

Anyone planning on seeing this? Bring back JCVD please.

Why does any movie get made? 95% of anything is crap. And who knows, maybe it will be good.

There is a new Streetfighter game coming out, by the way.

I’ll answer your question after you answer mine:

How the hell did they greenlight a live-action Dragonball movie. Furthermore… WHAT BONEHEAD MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THE ORIGINAL SERIES AND NEGLECTED TO PUT KRILLIN IN THERE!?

ETA: Okay, i just watched the trailer for the SF movie. I don’t even… what? My brain hurts.

Vega is more noticeable than Chunli in the trailer.

Oh, dear Og, was that Lana Lang as Chun Li?

I am a fan of the Street Fighter II movie, and I even enjoyed the live-action Street Fighter movie, so I might still see this, but it really doesn’t look appealing.

“In life there is beauty… and there is terror… one must not overwhelm the other”? What the hell are you smoking, narrator guy? And how does one embrace beauty? A beautiful woman, perhaps, but beauty itself?

If I may add to the nerdrage with a third question: Who put Shyamalan in charge of the Avatar movie? And why does he want to put pasty white kids in the roles of Sokka and Katara?

Someone who wants a dull and highly predictable, anti-climatic twist ending in it, of course.

Wait, what? Was there even Chun-li in that trailer? I haven’t seen anybody resembling her…

Dude. Kristin Kreuk is hot.

Kind of like a CGI ant-story heroine hot, but still. Dang.

All it needs to do is make money. I used to be shocked at the crap people would rent from the local Blockbuster. I’d be browsing, and only recognizing 40% of the new releases, and some family of yahoos would grab the box that was the most lurid-looking crap and hoot excitedly. Neither of us had heard of it, but “The cover look goooood!” so they’d rent it.

Put a sexy chick, a knife, and some sloppy-looking font on the cover, and half-wits will rent your “thriller.”

Keep the budget loooow, and you will make money.


Holy crap that looked unappealing.

Wow. The old movie was only fun because it was so bad (and had the cheeziest of cheesy actors, and a ludicrous script - it was well into *Springtime for Hitler *territory). This… no.

As long as she does her little cheer at the end of a fight and raises her left arm and we get to see Kristen’s boobie AND she does her upside down flying helicopter kick where we can get a nice shot of her crotch then I will be seeing this many times in the theater and buying it once it gets to dvd.

Poor Michael Clarke Duncan. He deserves better.

This. Word.

I mean this looked several times better than all that crap the Wayans brothers are making, but heck if you’re in the business, between making a buttload of dough or a little metal trophy that’s only worth a couple hundred on ebay, you might as well go for the buttload of dough.

Is it too much to ask for both?

I endorse this event and/or product.

Sory. I’ll be too busy not watching the live action Dragonballmovie to not watch the new Street Fighter movie.

I did like the shear stupidity of the John Claud Van Damme Street Fighter film.

I don’t get it. Is this year’s theme “put white actors in the place of the Asian main characters” for this years’ movies?

I saw the trailer. I’m going to eat my own eyes now.

Now I thought the “street fighter the later years” mini web series was entertaining, and the young lady who played Chun li was adorable, but a movie? how depressing.