What’s the strikethrough code? I’ve tried using s, but it doesn’t seem to work. test.


The code is [del] and [/ del]

Is there a reason this can’t be added along with the bold, italics and underline buttons? I went a bajillion years without knowing how to do this. I figured it out when someone put the [del][/ del] tag in a thread title, and of course, coding doesn’t work in thread titles, so I could see the tags. It then dawned on me. Aha! Is that the strikethrough code? I tried it, and success!

[del]Why didn’t someone tell me about this[/del] I mean, I knew it all along.

[del]You’re not part of the Cool Kids[/del] We sent you the detailed and informative Strikethrough Memo, didn’t you get it? I’m sorry you didn’t get it [del]sucker[/del] buddy.

How often have you wanted to use it? I use it very rarely, always in something like this: London is so much safer now that they have [del]telescreens[/del]security cameras everywhere.

That makes you wonder if the usage would go up if there were a small button subliminally calling for you to use it.

I can safely assume my own strikethrough usage would go up if it had its own button next to BIU.

If you ever want to know any forum coding go to the bottom of any page on the forum and look for the box that enumerates what’s turned on and off in the left-hand corner. Click on the link in “BB Code is On” and it will take you to a list of all BB Code commands activated on the forum, what they do, and how to use them.

I want to use it all the time. I googled how to do it, but the suggestions I found (s) didn’t work. [del]You’ll see how much now that I know how.[/del]

Thanks, guys!

Even quicker- if you want to use a VBcode that someone used in their post, just hit the “Quote” button to reply to their post. The VB coding becomes visible in the reply box and all secrets are revealed!

You’ll notice that there are two tags on the page that don’t work correctly. The [img] tag has been specifically disabled. The [symbol] tag doesn’t work in standard compliant browsers (i.e. anything other than Internet Explorer) because it uses the face attribute of the <font> tag, which does not exist in XHTML 1.0. (Apparently, declaring it transitional does not fix that.)

This is regarding a single item of coding:

I have found that the simplest way is to start replying to a post in which you see what you want to do. (This, of couse, is the reply with quote option, not the “Post reply” option at the bottom of a thread.) You don’t have to actually reply to it, that is, you don’t have to submit, preview or even add your input after the quote.

You will have in front of you the tag the quoted person used. :cool:

[del]Every waking moment.[/del] Not too often, but there have been times in the past when I wanted to, but didn’t know how. Plus I’ve seen two ATMB threads about this recently, so this combined with my own desire to know how to do it for eons, I figured a lot of people might appreciate it.

What a great idea! :smiley:

Think of how much terser ones posts can be:

“My aunt A[del]le[/del] went to the [del]icatessen[/del] to buy a [del]icious[/del] [del]stru[/del]. She met her old friend [del]ilah[/del] who had worked as a [del]mod[/del] but ended up running a bor[del]lo[/del]. She was also a professional yo[del]ler[/del] and wore a psyche[del]ic[/del] dress on stage.”

Thanks for starting this thread. I’ve always wanted to know but I was [del] too lazy to start one[/del] embarrassed to ask.


I suppose an even better one would be reading previous posts more carefully.


Can this information be added tothe appropriate spot in the FAQ please? It took be ages to find out how to do this.

It took [del]be[/del] me ages to find out how to do this.

There, [del]showed ya how smart I am[/del] fixed it for you.

Funnily enough I wanted to use it yesterday on SDMB for the first time ever…but since I didn’t get the memo…(sigh).