Strippers or Massage?

Alright guys, I need your advice on this very pressing topic–

I’m gonna have a little extra money this coming sat, I kinda wanna Splurge around 50-70 dollars in a good way, and with this new job I’ve got at athis manufacturing warehouse, I’m a bit beat–

Should This guy
A) Go to the Strip club and have a great time,


B) Go to a massage Therapist and get some of these new knots out of me
Pros Cons of each?

Go to a twenty four hour massage parlor? From what I hear, it’s sorta both…a twofer!


Ok, I’ll admit there is something to watching young beautiful women, but strip clubs are a waste of good money and a terrible tease. Going to a strip club is like having a great chef cook you a fabulous meal… and not getting to eat it!

Also, the massage will release tension, not increase it like a strip tease would. :wink:

Massage. No contest.


Strip club.

Nude massage.

neither, go bowling


Get drunk. See if someone at the bar will give you a massage, then possibly strip for you.

Get the massage and ask the girl to strip for you, best of both.

Massage. No contest. Definitely. Touch is better than frustrated longing.

Give the money to me and I’ll say nice things about you on the boards.

I’ll have to agree with the idea of the massage, but with “happy ending”… Couple extra bucks, sure, but no better way to relieve stress.

The choices are strip club or massage therapist. Massage therapists don’t do happy endings.

I dunno… all the RMTs I’ve been to made me feel pretty good. But then I’ve been described as a ‘massage sponge’. :slight_smile:

Maybe the Casino’s looking like a good idea… if I win at the Casino, I’ll go to the Strip Club :slight_smile: