Strong Vs Weak Family Resemblance

If you line up my mother’s side of the family, we all look like a random assortment of individuals. If you know we’re related, you can start to pick out similarities, but you’ll have trouble guessing the exact relationship between most members of the family. If you line up my father’s side of the family, we all look some kind of bizarre cloning experiment gone wrong. We all look almost exactly alike (even determining the gender can be difficult), no matter how distantly we might be related. Why is this? (And before some smartass makes a crack about inbreeding since my current location is TN, I’d like to point out that my family is originally from Ohio and that even distant cousins bear a strong family resemblance.)

But what is your sepecific question?

Oops, sorry, must have missed that particluar line.
Anyhow, on your father’s side of the familly certain facial features may be genetically dominant or there may simply be a greater variety of faces on your mom’s side or both reasons may apply.