Struck by the world's pettiest thief

I recognize that this is a super-duper first world problem but some knob went through my cubicle desk-drawers and:[ul]
[li]tidied up a couple of binders and magazines so that they’re stacked largest to smallest; and[/li][li]ripped off a $2.00 (roughly) Tupperware orange peeler.[/li][/ul]

I’ve got a $100 espresso maker on my desk, $70 headphones in the drawer, and an assortment of coffee and this guy steals a $2 orange peeler.

I sure hope that he/she found the binders’ contents interesting and I’m glad that nothing else was taken but, weird…

Darnit. I misread the subject line and came in here expecting the world’s prettiest thief. :wink:

I read the thread title as “world’s prettiest thief” and was expecting dog or cat pictures.
Or human.
ETA: I should just type and not revise constantly.

…But wait! There’s more…! :smiley:

This is what I was going to say.

I work in Montreal. If the thief is female then there is a very good chance that she’s pretty or a hottie:)

Sounds like some kind of OCD kleptomaniac. If the goal is the theft itself and not maximum material gain, they’d probably look for any non-trivial item that would be least likely to have a big deal made of its absence.

“Espresso maker? No way. Fancy headphones? There would definitely be an official complaint about that. Orange peeler? Bingo!”

Back when I smoked cigarettes, I once had an unopened carton of cigs sitting in the back seat of my car. I left them there as I went into a local pub to hang out for a while.

When I returned, somebody had gotten into my car (I accidentally left it unlocked), opened the carton of cigarettes, and took ONE pack. Which I found beyond bizarre. You’d think a thief that brazen would have just stole the whole carton.

Hey, when you need to peel an orange, you need to peel an orange, you know? :cool:

Thanks to this thread, I now know of the existence of an orange peeler. All these years I’ve been doing it wrong and using my fingers! Off to the store I go! Need to pick up a banana peeler as well. :smiley:

I wouldn’t have even been mad. :smiley: Maybe the thief had been at the pub, too, and had the same color car as yours…?

A long time ago, I was out shopping and the baby was hungry, so I stepped out to the van with her. I didn’t realize it wasn’t our car until I started rummaging through the CDs in the console and they were all country music. So glad the owner didn’t come out! I was parked two spots away. :o

Someone broke into my house last year. They took the trouble to cut the phone line, in case there was an alarm. They carefully broke the window glass just enough to open the latch and the neatly sliced the window screen so they could climb in and open the back door. It was apparent that they visited every room in the house but they took very little. They passed up some very expensive camera equipment sitting out in the open. They passed up two laptops and a 27" iMac. They passed up lots of expensive stereo gear. What did they take? An old Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming device, some booze, a pepper mill, and my favorite multitool. Bastard!

Probably those donut eating fat IT mofos. :mad::mad:

Indeed, and stealing my orange coloured exotic dancer:D

One Halloween, my wife and I wanted to go to bed so we left a bowl of candy sitting out on the porch. I wasn’t surprised that the candy was gone, but was taken aback that the bowl (one of those chintzy thin woven-wood salad bowls that cost less than a dollar) was also gone. The “fun size” Milky Ways were worth far more.

Your thief sounds like a boundary-free in-law I work with. She goes through everyone’s desks, rearranges their things, and takes what she wants or what she thinks they have too much of. She drives everyone crazy, and nothing will stop her.

I had to google the orange peeler. You lucky Canadians, with your nice benefits and fancy gadgets.

Possibly, but also a good chance that she’s a hot-tempered French separatist who hates Anglophones as much as she loves oranges.

Well I hope that you know how to peel a banana the right way, at least.