Stuck in the UK - the office ran off with my passport. Who wants to buy me a beer?

I’m currently in transit between Russia and home (that’s the US for those of you not paying attention). I’ve got as far as the UK and I dropped into the office so they could sort out a new Russian visa for me. At which point, they promptly decided I needed a whole new passport.

And that might take a week.

Oh well, these things happen.

So, I’ve checked out of the airport hotel and decamped to my old stamping ground of Oxford for a few days. I am currently available for offers that include either warm beer and/or chip butties. Actually, I’m sure I can buy more than I can drink. Anyone interested (at least in the Oxford/London area)?

You’ll be able to find a few Londopers around this saturday at the Great British Beer Festival this SaturdayLink to NADS thread on it . Apparently wel worth the £5 entry fee

Damn right its well worth the £5.

plus, according to rekkah, the bus fare from London to Oxford is dirt cheap.

Failing that mate, pop down here and we’ll shoot out after work - i’m sure we can round up a few people for some bevvies!

Oh, I see, you’re halfway between Russia and the US, and the “office” decides you need a new passport?

I’m only going to ask this nicely once. Who do you work for? Is it the CIA? The Circus? The Russian Federal Security Service?

We have ways of making you talk.

If only you knew just how true that is. Only two other dopers in the whole world can share this joke, but it’s a good one.

If I’m around at the weekend, that sounds like a plan.

drop me an email if you want my mobile number