Student/4-year manager of basketball team suits up in last game

I am having a chaotic day and this made it a little better. So nice to see the team and coach make such an effort to make the game special for this kid.

I like the way it ends. If you were writing a screenplay for this you would think that a buzzer beating 3-pointer to end the story was just a little too much. Like they say stranger than fiction.

I think it is a great story; however, who the hell nicknamed him “Chubbs”? And then the name is actively used throughout the story.

It reminds me so much of this story from a few years ago:

I had to look it up to make sure it wasn’t the same thing. I love the video of the crowd and team reacting.

Other guys.

That’s how we roll. Got some extra flab? You’re Chubbs. Tripped in the locker room and fell on your face? You’re Stumbles. Hint of a bald spot? You’re The Dome. Had a runny nose during a game? Boogers.

It’s a badge of acceptance and honor.