Studio 60 1/29/2007

I’ve generally liked the show, but this was clearly its worst episode, with very little to recommend it. It was all so goddamn predictable – the other bidder not being Luke, getting locked on the roof (As I saw them go out there, I said, “Please don’t have the locked out up there”). The roof thing was especially contrived, with the reasons for going up there all coming out of the blue (“Why can’t we go into your office?” “IITS*”).

This is the second part of a three-part episode, and they say the middle episode of a trilogy is the worst. This proved it in spades.
*It’s In The Script, from

I promise guys.
It wasn’t me.
I wasn’t even in the room!

One look at the roof-top set when they first arrive there and you knew they would be there for a while.

The Godfather 2, Dawn of the Dead, Empire Strikes Back and The Two Towers are all looking at you with a raised eye brow.

I’m done with it. See you guys in other threads.

The first two are not trilogies, but rather sequels. Neither series was planned as a trilogy.

The Empire Strikes Back wasn’t the worst of the Star Wars trilogy due to the fact the second half of Return of the Jedi was a big dropoff in quality. But it was definitely a drop in quality from the original. Also, it’s debatable whether the films were conceived as a trilogy or not (Lucas can’t be depended on this: he rewrites the films, so he probably rewrites history).

The Two Towers was pretty good, though.

However, I was talking in terms of book trilogies. The issue is that the first book sets up the characters and conflict, and the final book resolves it all. The middle book often just stretches things out.

Okay… well since you’ve put a ton of qualifiers on it afterwards I guess you are right. :dubious:

I can’t dispute anything anyone has said… and yet I still enjoyed watching it. I guess I’ve gotten myself into a suspension of disbelief mindset where I just accept that these extremely sober and serious and capital-I-Important people are constantly going to get into totally contrived and unbelievable situations. And somehow, it doesn’t bother me.
But I don’t blame anyone else who actually maintains their critical facilities :slight_smile:

I think that was it for me - and I had been trying to see the good points up to now. Especially since I was so surprised that I really liked Matthew Perry, who I usually detest, so that kept me going. But the stalker plotline is so out there and the female characters are behaving so ridiculously stupid I refuse to suspend my disbelief any longer.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted…ah, who am I kidding, mostly it was painfully embarrassed silence. Other than when the digital clock in the writers’ room was ticking. Is a digital clock supposed to be ticking? Shows what I know, obviously being infiltrated by illiterate programming, not knowing my Strindberg from my Spielberg.

I’ll agree with the consensus that this was a rather disappointing episode, but I’m still going to give it another chance. I’ve already begun to grow fond of the characters, and am a big enough fan of Sports Night that I’m not willing to give up hope on the show yet.

Besides, I already have a ritual in place of watching Heroes and Studio 60 with friends and then heading out to a bar to play pool afterwards; even if the show continues to be disappointing, the tradition must go on!

But that’s like another hour of drinking if you just leave after Heroes! :slight_smile:

Hmm… Seeing as it’s a Monday night, that might not be the best idea. If the show continues to be like this, though, we might need that extra hour of drinking to wash the bad taste out of our mouths, and the memory of the show from our minds. :slight_smile:


She didn’t used to. Both Sports Night and West Wing are hi-freaking-larious. Truly. The difference is astounding.

I blame it on the cocaine. No more cocaine, no more funny.

Maybe I’m showing my age here, but: do you not have to work on Tuesdays?

Well, the **Godfather Part II ** was the second of a two part series. There was no Godfather Part III.

**The Empire Strikes Back ** and The Two Towers, that’s a little different. Most of the time the first movie is intended to be the only movie. It’s designed to stand on its own. Once the first movie is good enough for a sequel, they want a franchise. The second movie sets up the third.

**The Empire Strikes Back ** is not that good until you see The Return of the Jedi. I saw the movies in their original release, and it’s true. I don’t know how a movie can become better in retrospect, but it does.

**The Two Towers ** was a movie version of a book, more or less, so it doesn’t suffer from the same handicap.

As for** Dawn of the Dead**, there was a time lapse of 10 years between Noght of the Living Dead and the release of Dawn of the Dead, so I really consider that film to be the start of the series, with **Day of the Dead ** the sequel. The **Day of the Dead ** was not terrible, but not as good as either of the preceding films.

I wasn’t aware that the definition of “trilogy” – a work created and conceived in three parts – was a qualifier.

Three books/movies with the same subject/title/characters are not necessarily a trilogy.

Nope. It has to be the snake because Danny’s scared of them. And isn’t there a skylight or something to be fallen through as well? They get a couple points for noting that the open sides only lead to an alley so at least that obvious choice was covered off.

I’ll still watch because much of the dialogue (that’s intelligible, that is) is sharp but it is sinking. I’m hoping some minion of Sorkin’s has been combing the web for commentary. One of the producers of Frasier used to read that show’s board regularly and Frasier probably was helped by that (though I still think it was one of the best shows ever).

Shortly after that I mentioned that I wouldn’t want to do too much drinking on a Monday night, but my life allows for sleeping in a bit on Tuesdays if need be.

[“about me” hijack]
I run my own graphic design and corporate branding consultancy, and my design studio is in the basement of my house. Unless I have a client meeting in the morning I usually don’t get started on work until around noon, so I can pretty much go out drinking drinking most nights. The two friends I hang out with on Monday nights don’t have quite as fluid schedules as I, but one of them’s a seminary student who doesn’t usually have class until noon while the other manages a store that usually has him there from around 1:00 - 9:00 p.m., so Heroes is already Tivo’d once he gets home.

If my consultancy grows to the point where I’m hiring others to work with me, I might have to start keeping more normal hours. For now, I’m loving my life. :cool:

Back on topic, I haven’t had a problem understanding any of the dialogue; it seems to me pretty standard fare after religiously watching Sports Night and West Wing.

I did it last week. Based on what I have read in this thread so far, it looks like I didn’t miss much.

Sadly, you’re probably 100% correct in this. And add that Sorkin never used to be second-guessed in public (Internet) for those shows like he has been for Studio 60.

But the show can’t die until Josh Malina shows up.