Studio 60 1/29/2007

Ok. I get it. He’s given up. We weren’t going for his politics, so he’s switched over to a bog-standard sitcom, only with half the jokes and twice the run time.

I was loath to compare this show to 30 Rock, since they were operating in different genres, but now it’s apparent that they aren’t. Tina Fey writes better comedy than Aaron Sorkin.

I’m giving up too. There’s a lot of drama to be explored on a TV set, and this show still sniffs around the edges of some of it. But this is just the stalest of sitcom plots.

Does anyone else use subtitles for this show? I can’t understand what most of the actors are saying, especially Jordan, who talks too fast and doesn’t enunciate at all.

Sooo…Darius is an Uncle Tom if his idea of African-American humor isn’t exactly in tune with Simon’s?

Wrong, Simon. Also, fuck you, Simon.

And I refuse to believe that there’s no cell coverage on the roof of a three-story building in downtown Los Angeles. That’s the most contrived scene yet in a season of contrived scenes.

Don’t you watch Heroes? It’s revealed that Masi Oka’s OTHER superpower is screwing up cell phone reception in any building he enters.

It had been getting better before the holiday break, but last week’s was a slight regression, and this week’s was completely terrible. More like “Studio 60 on the Painfully Cliched Strip”. What crap. Timothy Busfield was good, I guess. Otherwise, complete yuck.

(And I have been a pretty staunch defender of the show up to this point. But there is no excuse for what I just wasted an hour of my life on.)

Yeah, aside from the utterly inexplicable Simon/Darius plot and the funny drunken slut Kim, there was nothing that was not cliched and predictable.

I especially liked the idea that, if your stalker apologizes, then it’s all OK! :eek: :mad:

It’s so trite that I almost want to say that they’re trotting out every cliche imaginable to make some kind of parody, or else to subvert them.

But it’s neither absurd nor clever enough to be either of those things.

Word on the lack of a cell phone signal being ridiculously contrived.

How much do you want to bet that Jordan will go into labor on the roof and Danny will deliver the baby? Why not end the season with the most hackneyed sitcom convention imaginable?

Did I actually see a character push another one over as he left a room? Or was it a Three Stooges episode?

What, no mention on the absurdity of sending a ferret under the stage to get a viper, and then not being able to get it out? And…

next week they’re sending a fucking coyote in there?!?

Stupid beyond words. As is the continued contrived idiocy of Matt and Harriet, which is apparently over now for good! We swear!!!1! And the stupid lie Tom told Lucy, which everyone knew he’d get caught on, and penis would not ensue for anyone (and I do think the drunken slut Kim was predictable as well). I won’t even mention the being trapped on the roof storyline… the stupidity of that has been adequately covered.

I think now it’s time to de-program the DVR for this show. So sad.

I’ve quite loved this show all along, but this episode sucked.

Though, I did like funny drunken slut Kim and Jack’s sudden appearance between her and Tom at the party.

I agree with the consensus - a bad episode loaded with gimmicks.

Bonus points for me if next week’s episodes includes any Acme jokes during the coyote scenes.

Raises hand in agreement with you. I have to rewind half the time to have the vaguest understanding of what they’re saying. Tonight I don’t know why I bothered. That episode was just stupid.

Masi Oka and Harriet’s dolphin sound were the only fun things. The roof top scene was painful and it was quite obvious the actors didn’t know what to do with their characters there.

HAH! I liked how bad this episode was. I liked it alot. It was enjoyable badness.
This episode was a big middle finger from Sorkin to pretty much everyone…

I would seriously watch a series about Weber’s character though.

So, the consensus is that the relationship/soap opera parts suck, and the only good parts are the ones that follow the characters trying to get their show made and run the a TV network? Who woulda thunk it? I guess Sorkin ought to go back to writing the show that he originally promised us.

Lame, lame, lame.

I LOVE this show; watch it religiously, program the DVR, discuss it with my dad, etc. So I’m giving it another month or so to quit sucking before I stop watching.

But tonight’s episode almost broke the camel’s back. Stuck on the freaking roof? Having the guy comment that “this is the obvious plot device in a romantic comedy” didn’t make it any less lame, Aaron.

Not to mention releasing TWENTY FOUR poisonous snakes onto an open stage with people walking all over the place. Like a movie snake company would even remotely think of bringing venemous snakes to a gig like that? And Timothy Busfield, Mr. Super Producer goes for that?

It’s like that was supposed to be a moment of almost cartoon insanity, except it wasn’t funny and just made the characters look stupid. And the ‘send a coyote after the ferret’ thing is a gag that you might have seen on the Milton Berle show, and it would have been old then.

And Uncle Miltie probably would have apologized for it.

If they have coverage in the building, why not on top of the building. Is that even plausible? It would have made more sense for Danny to leave his phone in his office, and Jordan to leave her purse there too.

And she better not go into labor on the roof. She’s not due until May - she’ll have to kill Danny and eat him to last that long.

Yeah, Jack knocked over the Husky Gymnast character (dressed as an apple) on his way out of Tom’s dressing room. He did say “Sorry” over his shoulder, though.

When they walked through the roof door, I almost said out loud “and now it’s locked”. But then I thought, no, not even Sorkin would do that, that’s something you’d see on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, or some such crap. Not so much.

A couple times he wandered back over to the door, and you could see what looked like several breaker boxes on the exterior wall. So, dummy, start turning off breakers until someone notices and goes to investigate. And next week, the ferrett will appear on the roof.

And the only part I cared about was Tom and the horny drunken Kim. Even at that, the Angry Lucy twist was pretty predictable.

Sorkin’s phoning it in, at best.