Study On Homophobia Confirms "Doth Protest Too Much" Suspicions

Science Daily gives us this contender for the “Least Surprising Scientific Finding Of The Year” award:

There was a 1990s study at the U. of GA using a penile plethysmograph (nicknamed “the peter meter”) that had similar results. Video.

A GENUINE homophobe would never subject himself to an experiment like that in the first place. His immediate reaction would have been, “What are you, gay?”

Ah, well that’s interesting. I have, for the last year or so, consistently argued against the idea that rabid homophobes “protest too much”, based on this here article from, well, uh… Might have to revise my standpoint now.

It was a double blind study. They were told the focus of the study was reactions to porn. They didn’t answer the poll on their reaction towards gays until after they had already volunteered.

My wife can’t sleep in silence but also can’t sleep with music, so talk radio it is all night every night :frowning:

There is a local preacher who I want to record he is such a repressed gay man, its a surreal joke at this point. If I wake up one more time to pee to “and again I think how can a man put his penis in another man’s rectum and enjoy it” I’m going to record it and post it on the internet.

Seriously the guy talked about how there were these two gay guys and speculates on what nasty sex acts they are performing behind closed doors.

I am not surprised that it could be the least surprising scientific finding of the year.
Would it not be- typical reaction formation, where homophobia masks the opposite impulse?
I think it’s from Psych101, in the Defense Mechanism chapter.

What makes you so sure that the scientist involved were male?

So… who wants to tell Phred?

So apparently people who dislike blacks are also secretly of Black African decent themselves, Protestants foaming at the mouth in Ireland against Catholics were actually closet Papists and Islamophobes actually pray towards Mecca five time a day?

Yes, because all phenomena are exactly alike.

May I suggest audiobooks?

Hey, if you want to confirm or deny any of these theories the way “homophobia is associated with closet homosexuality” is now confirmed, get your own research grant.

May I suggest a white noise generator? The output will probably be more intelligent-sounding.

What about those “ambient noise” CDs? Not necessarily the sound of waves or water (makes one go to the toilet), but forest sounds or street noise.

Yes. And this is a very intelligent and thought-provoking post you’ve made.

John D MacDonald mentioned this in one of his Travis McGee novels as illustration of self-loathing how, if you look unbiased at historical photos of Klan members and other whites screaming during the 60s (Little Rock etc.) it was obvious how many were “mixed race” themselves, but apparently nobody noticed during that time.

Except for that small detail that the N. Ireland conflict is not about religion, but tribal territory, and religion is chosen as being part of the right group, not the other way around. That’s why pastors of both confessions have spoken out against killing other people and been ignored.

Upon reading the article it seems it was very heavy on the subliminal messages. For example they got the words “me” or “others” flashed at them, after which they had to sort pictures and words for gay/straight, and then it was concluded:

I really don’t know much about subliminal messages, but I thought they were kinda not-all-that-proved? It sounds a little far-fetched in this study. I really want it to be proof of “though doth protest too much” though, can anyone tell me how reliable such subliminal message-stuff is?

A recent study published in the journal DUH concluded that most people who post silly leading questions on message boards already know the answers to them, and may actually be pushing some sort of agenda.

How thought provoking.

It did, in truth, provoke certain thoughts.