Yet another anti-gay Pastor outed

Atlanta Pastor Rev. Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is being sued by 2 young men for coercive sexual contact.

It seems Pastor Long, described by a 2007 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s magazine as “one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement” even had quasi-religious ceremonies with the young men and took them as his ‘spiritual sons’, which gave the young men many perks such as travel, cars, and college tuition. One young man apparently became angry when he found out he was not the Pastor’s only one, and broke into the Pastor’s office and stole some items. Of course, the pastor is married.

Why is it that these virulently anti-gay people are almost always closet gays?

I was gonna drop him a line and tell him it’s OK to be gay, but the church’s website is oddly down right now.

That is excellent news.

Not for the two young men, of course, but I love to see bigots crumbling their own walls of hatred.

I think the pastor’s views are abhorant, but I’m not going to automatically take one side in a lawsuit that is in progress, especially based on the skimpy evidence given in one CNN article. I would hope those who defend their political allies in such situations would take the same stance when the tables are turned.

These are the people who think that gays are “recruiting” and that gay marriage would be a disaster because then everyone would get an SSM and the population would collapse. They find homosexual sex so tempting that, rather than admit that they’re gay, they convince themselves that everyone else feels the same way, and the only thing keeping heterosexuals in check are the constant reminders that it is evil.

I actually heard a pretty good explanation here on the boards a few months ago.

The reason why is that lots of straight people don’t think about gay people. We just don’t. In our day to day lives, in our day to day thoughts, we’re not consumed by images of ball-on-ball action. We’re not constantly overwhelmed by fantasies of buff young guys and wondering what their massive shlongs shoved down our small but willing throat would feel like. It’s not even a question of “what goes on in the bedroom is your business.” It’s truly just that many (most?) straight people simply put gay activities out of our mind because gay thoughts never enter them in the first place.

But imagine if you’re gay. And imagine if you hate gays. And imagine if you’ve been taught that gays are evil and going to hell and are sinful and awful awful human beings.
You’re constantly thinking about gay sex and constantly hating yourself for doing so and -here’s the key- you’re so surrounded by like minded people that to talk about your innermost thoughts and desires would mean you’re suddenly a parriah in your group. So you assume that 1) gays are evil and 2) you are straight and therefore not evil and 3) that EVERYONE has thoughts of gay sex because it’s a temptation and a test from God to see just how evil you really are.

So of COURSE the anti-gay pastors are overwhelmingly gay. The rest of us truly don’t give a shit.

Agreed. It’s just at the very initial stages of the lawsuit, without even a defence filed yet. Way to early to make definitive conclusions.

It’s absurd to claim that “anti-gay pastors are overwhelmingly gay”. You are experiencing what is known as confirmation bias.

There is a proven correlation between expressed homophobia and sexual arousal from seeing gay porn. The bigger the homophobe, the bigger the the closet case. Fred Phelps might as well be wearing a dress.

I’ve had more than one gay friend tell me that the guys who talk the most shit about "faggots’ are always the ones who come back on the down low and hit on them when nobody’s looking. Honestly, I don’t think it takes any great insight to to be able to tell that anyone who is obsessed with gay sex is obsessed with it for the obvious reason.

I know, I’m missing the OP’s point in saying this…but…
It’s kind of ironic that this reverend is being accused of being a pedophile by several “young men” and all he gets pitted for is being an anti-gay, gay man?

What? How do you go from to make a point about homophobic = closeted gay to describing Phelps as potentially wearing a dress?

What’s the connection?

Where does the article say he’s being accuse of pedophilia. It says the “young men” in question were 20 and 21. Where are you getting pedophilia?

I said he might as well be wearing a dress. Anyone as preoccupied with gay sex as he is (and if you’ve seen his website, he’s obsessed with graphic details) is virtually announcing his own repressed sexuality with a megaphone.

You misunderstand my question.

Why the stereotypical assumption that “wearing a dress” would be his “megaphone” if he were to come out as gay? Are you assuming all (or most) (or many) gay men wear or want to wear dresses?

Oh, don’t read so much into it. This is how derailments get started. It was a flippant if misaimed comment.

And John, I think there’s a lot more truth to Ender’s analysis than you’re willing to credit. Some anti-gay advocates may merely be fervent about the Good Book, but either way it’s a function of the fucked-up values those communities hold.

Yes that what I’m assuming. :rolleyes:

It was a joke. It was intended as a humorous and ironic signifyer – as a comedically incongruous (and yes, facetiously sterotypical) image for this particular personality. Lighten up.


Yes, but this is Dio we’re talking about, you never know.

So you deleted a snarky comment aimed at Dio in order to prevent derailing the thread, and immediately followed it up with a snarky comment about Dio. :confused:
Oh yeah, glad the guy got busted as a closeted gay homophobe.

That would be true only if the coefficient of correlation were +1.0, which it almost certainly is not.

I won’t be surprised at all if it turns out to be true, but it’s a bit early to declare him “busted.” Who knows what sort of evidence they have.