Homophobe preachers get smacked with extra-strength KARMA!

Headline says it all, really:

Anti-Gay Preachers Arrested for Soliciting Sex With Boys

I don’t think there’s a :rolleyes: big enough for this one.

So much for fire and brimstone, eh? :smack:

This is almost as good as that Reparative Therapy dude who left his wife for a man.

::Drops to the floor and spins around, going, “woooo-woo-woo-wooo-woo-woo-woo!”::

Oh sweet, sweet payback! Its like Rush Limbaugh to the power of a thousand. I take great pleasure in seeing people who speak out about one thing get caught doing exactley that, I just hope no children got hurt during the making of this karmic ass kicking (and very likely real one in the prison yard).

If he goes to prison he’ll probably find that he can have all the anal sex he wants.

Well, to be more precise, he preaches against Homosexuality and then is busted for cruising underage boys. Those are not the same thing.

That is an excellent point, Homebrew.
But you would think that, Biblically, “thou shalt not lie with a man as with a woman, it is an abomination”, applies to short-eyes as well.

Here is something I would like to know. According to the story,

Why the need for distance? Does that suggest that they knew that he had these desires? If so, why didn’t they take it upon themselves to contact the authorities? If they knew something and didn’t report it, they are accessories to a crime, aren’t they?

True, they are different acts in the minds of most of the dopers. In the minds of the majority of “fire and brimstone,” anti-gay christian types, and many rather ordinary republican types, they are very connected. I do not have a cite, but I am willing to lay odds that this preacher talked about same-sex consenting adults and same-sex child molestation as homosexuality.

Generally, most reputable college ministries will distance themselves from anyone “known … for traveling to college campuses and giving ‘fire and brimstone’ speeches against homosexuality.”

Maybe they just considered him an extremist or lunatic.

I apoligise, I don’t for one moment suggest that they are the same thing. I suspect though that the subject of peadophilia would have cropped up at least once during his rants. I was just pointing out how satisfying it is to see someone who is extremley outspoken against one ‘abomination’ to be caught doing exactley that, even if that is something as appaling as peadophilia. It seems to me that it is a common tactic of peadophiles these days to be highly outspoken about that which they are guilty of which to me makes it even more disgusting if that is possible.

Elsewhere in the news-- a group of anti-pornography crusaders observed President Bush’s Protection from Pornography Week by videotaping people patronizing the porn-purveyors at Pure Pleasure and posting their pictures and plate-numbers in public. Paradoxically, their principal prolocutor is a proclaimed pervert:

I think Road Rash makes a good point. When discussing (that word makes it sound a bit too rational) homosexuality, nearly every fundamentalist that I’ve ever seen is quick to claim that homosexuals have sex with underage partners, cruise schools, etc. They are the ones who make the connection between homosexuality and pedophelia.

Myabe the promoters of the Gay Agenda[sup]TM[/sup] could incorporate this into their campaign:

“Sure, we like sex with people of the same sex…But at least we’re not having sex with your children like the fundamentalists!”

I admit, I cackled when I read this line:

He’s cruisin’ for the Lord!

Dr. J

Next time someone threatens to “tell me about the love of Jesus,” I’m runnin’ away. Also, no one has ever gained anyone’s trust by “describ[ing] sex acts.” At least where I’m from.

As George Carlin said some 10 years ago, this is NOT what Jesus meant by “Let the little children come unto me”. (And the J-Man had some less-than-peace-n-luv prescription for those who would do this to children…)

This is one of those cases where I’d like to get together everyone I know whose lives would be considered an “abomination” by this tool, and have them show up outside his arraignment with a very conspicuous sign which read “Be sure your sin will find YOU out!”

But since I can’t, I’ll just dance around in my living room to the strains of “Another One Bites the Dust.”

And cast a narrow eye toward Topeka, muttering “one day, Phelps, one day.”

Isn’t there a verse in Matthew about how anyone who leads children astray or harms them should be thrown into a river with a big rock around his or her neck?

That’s some fabulous alliteration, Larry.

Sigh, since we’re fighting ignorance on this board, let me point out that what these homophobic idjits are guilty of is not pedophilia.

Pedophilia is the sexual actraction to children. Pre-pubsescent children. You know, 4 - 10 year old types. With pedophilia, sexual gender orientation is often not the issue since pre-pubsescent children have few discernable overt gender differences (other than genitalia, of course). Pedophiles often care less about the gender of their victims than about power over them. Thus, they often act on whomever’s most available.

Once puberty hits, adult secondary sexual characteristics start to manifest. These are the traits that sexual orientation orients itself to, e.g., breasts on woman and facial hair on men. In this case, sexual orientation is a factor. Straight men hit on teen girls, gay men hit on teen boys. The term for targeting this adolescent audience for sex is ephebophilia or hebephilia. (See here.)


Truly this is a case where “Your karma ran over my dogma,” is not just a play on words.