Homophobe preachers get smacked with extra-strength KARMA!

“…and then the guy pulls out and wipes it on his partner’s upper-lip, and that’s a Dirty Sanchez. Say, have you heard the Good News?”

Sounds like a solid alibi to me.

I was lost. My life seemed meaningless and my heart was empty. I’d tried numbing my self with drugs and alcohol, but that only made things worse. Then, one day, a friend at work invited me to go to Sunday services with him. I turned him down with a snide comment, but he just told me that he’d save a space on the pew for me in case I changed my mind and decided to show. Well, I did show. I didn’t know at the time what compelled me to go, but I realize now I was being moved by the Holy Spirit. My friend didn’t say anything, he just smiled as I made my way down the aisle and over to his section of pew. The service proceeded and after some time, the pastor began his sermon. As he spoke of felching and rim jobs, I felt something stirring within me, something I’d thought was long dead. Well, to make a long story short, I gave myself over to the Lord that night. These days, I volunteer at a center for disadvantaged youth. Sometimes – not very often, but sometimes – I have the opportunity to share my story with other lost souls. I’ll sit down next to a boy who maybe looks like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and ask, “Say, kid, you ever heard of a golden shower?”

MidnightRadio, you’re obviously going to hell for that bit. But it was pure comedy gold. :smiley:

Sex With Boys…It’s Not Just For Catholics Anymore!!!

[Cartman’s “Christian Rock” from last week’s Southpark]

Ohhh Jesus… I’m on my knees, begging you, Jesus… I want your salvation all over my face…


Moral: Watch what comes from your mouth in reguard to what comes IN your mouth.

OMG!! The next Chick Tract!

Wow! I opened this thread, saw some more silliness from Christian authority figures, and about a few replies down I notice “Penn for Jesus” quoted. That sounded familiar… and then BROTHER STEVEN!!!

Yep, I am a very recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania (spring '03), and yep, I have seen Brother Steven in person, and have even listened to him (for 1-2 minutes a pop at most) preach on the college green in front of our main library (near the Button, in case any Penn alums in da house). I even once saw him preaching with his wife and two kids behind him (they looked young elementary school age).

I don’t really remember much of what Brother Steven said, except for one exchange between one of the 5-20 people that usually mill around him at any one time. The subject was homosexuality, and the student said something to the effect of: “Shouldn’t God love everyone and accept into heaven those with good in their hearts?” I believe Steven said something about how the unrepentant sinner finding no place in the kingdom of God (though i am fuzzy, so definitely don’t take this as a quote). The student then shook his head and walked away.

Steven, in the 5-6 times that I saw him, was always fiery to the point of being red-faced, speaking with a booming voice and coming up with a quick retort for questions and comments (usual hostile or at least disagreable) that came his way. I caught him smiling a few times, as if he enjoyed being the enlightened one in a den of sinners. He always did seem genuine to me, for he really did fight to try to convince people, and sometimes in 30 degree weather. Of course, I thought he was over-the-top fundy loony, but never did I question his sincerity.

That Brother Steven would actively solicit a young boy for sex seems kind of weird to me. I mean, he does have a wife, so I doubt he would be too sexually frustrated unless they’re having a spat or something. Of course, it is always possible that his fierce demonization of homosexuality is a way to battle his own homosexual and/or pedophilic desires, but for some reason, I just didn’t get that kind of vibe from the man. And after all, at this point, it is just the kid’s word vs. Brother Steven’s. The preacher is a kind of laughingstock at Penn, one that has also attracted a fair amount of ire. I don’t think it impossible that some folks might want to set him up, though I think it would indeed be odd to have a child involved in any such scheme. And really, I think it more probable that he is a child molester (at least a failed one), as my intuition isn’t exactly stone-cold solid. His sincerity is just something that I find it hard to believe he was faking. Perhaps he has managed to keep his unwanted desires in check and let himself slip just this once…

Sorry for going on at length, but it is kind of a shocker when a Doper brings up an article where someone you have met (well, we made eye contact numerous times, even though I never actually spoke to him) is arrested for attempted child molestation.

I’m still shaking my head…


Heh, I was skimming what I just wrote and noticed some truly awful grammar in that post. I was excited, sorry! And please don’t condemn Penn’s English department because of my shoddy writing. My writing spits in the face of their teaching! Feel free to condemn our math department, though. Ugh. Can we get a prof that speaks the language, please?

And now I apologize for going off-topic. Argh.


Although its been pointed out (Thanks, moriah), that this isn’t exactly pedophilia, wouldn’t it be classified as homosexual behavior regardless? This isn’t to imply that all homosexuals would do this any more than straight shooting men (which sounds icky) do little girls. I mean, homosexual may have a lot of baggage, but its the correct word, right?

[quoteAlthough its been pointed out (Thanks, moriah), that this isn’t exactly pedophilia, wouldn’t it be classified as homosexual behavior regardless? This isn’t to imply that all homosexuals would do this any more than straight shooting men (which sounds icky) do little girls. I mean, homosexual may have a lot of baggage, but its the correct word, right?[/quote]

There’s been some evidence (sorry, no cite at the moment) that pedophiles have little or no interest in the actual gender of their victims. Its a matter of opportunity, not preference. Thus, many of the pedophiliac priests chose little boys because little boys were the ones most readily available. And thus male family members (the group statistically responsible for most child molestation) often choose female victims because they’re considered easier to intimidate.

I went to Penn and remember “Brother Stephen”… if I recall correctly, he wasn’t an employee of the University or affliated with it in anyway. He would just show up on the campus, pick a spot on the green/Locust Walk and start screaming away at all of us for being fornicators, sinners and whores.

Great fun, actually. Nothing like a tubby white guy calling you a whore on your way to class.

I find it rather doubtful that he is, in anyway, affliated with the University, unless Penn has magically become fundie in the last two years.

Perhaps I’ll look into that. or maybe not. There are some things I don’t want to take a close look at under any circumstances.

Ah sorry if I gave the impression that he was Penn-affiliated. He most certainly was not, but damn if he wasn’t as much a part of the campus as the Ben Bench.

Very Biblical, actually. Here’s what Jesus had to say on the subject (Mark, Ch. 7):

Actually it comes form Luke and he just says you will live in a van down by the river.