Yes There Is A Church More Extreme Than Amazing Grace Baptist

Namely this one:

The pastor here is opposed to male gynecaologists because apparently all of them are perverts who got the job to enjoy looking at nude women. :rolleyes:

Far more disturbing than that is the idea that the homosexuality is an unpardonable sin-ie if you’re homosexual it is impossible for you to repent in any way. Indeed one of the sermons is titled “A Time to Hate”. I haven’t downloaded the MP3 thing but it sounds quite disturbing.

This pastor has in his own words are also praying for President Obama’s death and mass killing of homosexuals.

NOTE: Please do not use this thread to bash my theology in exchange I will not criticize anyone’s comments unless they’re factually false.

‘Look I found someone who thinks homosexuality is more abhorrent than I do. Deflect your criticism at them, not me.’

No deal.

I wonder how he managed to miss proctologists. After all, anyone who wants to stare at butts all day must … ummm … never mind :eek:

As for the “impossible to repent” thing. Just about ANY religious leader in the world, from ANY faith or denomination would call bullshit on that.

We know about the hate. It makes some of us who believe very angry. Don’t preach to this group thou, most here are tender folks. They tend to act more christian than most “Christians”

Write to this church and call out the hatred every time you see it.

But surely if we get women doing the job, it might make some of them catch teh gay.

So, how does this priest feel about sins such as gossip, malice, and slander? If he’s actively praying for the death of President Obama, or anyone else for that matter, I’d say he’s actively practicing the sin of malice, and it’s hard to repent of a sin you’re actively committing. The reason I’m asking is those sins are repeatedly and explicitly condemned by both Christ and Paul right alongside theft, murder, and adultery and usually in the same verses. Greed turns up in those verses a lot, too. I’ll be happy to provide cites for that if anyone wants or needs them.

Curtis, I understand you’re a high school student. I still remember how vicious high school gossip can be and I know first hand the damage it can do and how untrue it can be. There’s something I’ve been wondering. Do you consider those who spread malicious gossip as sinful as homosexuals? If you don’t, why don’t you?

I guess I’m falling into the old trap of BBQ Pit debates than. But I will say this: all sins are equally sinful as the wages of sin is death. That is all.

“The wages of sin is death”? What do you mean by that?

All sins are equally sinful. That makes a lot of sense. So King James sucking a man’s cock is just as sinful as Ted Bundy murdering 15 women?

Your god is a moron. Which I guess makes sense as you worship him.

You are seriously oversimplifying. There is no way gossiping (for example) is equal to murder (for example), just to take the two extremes.

I heard from Curtis’ sister that he drew a mustache on his pillow and practices kissing it. In fact she said that she heard he “scratches” himself in the gym class shower while other guys are around…

Oh NO! I have been seduced by the heady thrills of gossip!!!11

The wages of virtue is death, too. Funny, that.

Do you like gladiator movies, Curtis?

Screw it.

If the penalty is the same, I say it’s time.

Time to stop talking trash about those we don’t like, and time to start killing. What have we got to lose? We’re all going to hell anyway :eek:

Is there a fast food version of your religion? Like where the minimum wages of sin is like a scratchy throat and sniffles?

There is a freedom of religion in this country and my personal beliefs are between myself and my god. However, I think a religious leader should have some basic credentials. You are leading people’s spiritual lives and in a lot of cases personally affecting actions through counseling, for example. If I were a member of a church, and the paster gave his qualifications as:

I would give serious pause if I was in the right place.

Let me guess.

He cherry picked and “memorized” whatever suited him for his own purposes, and has no problem taking it out of context to preach hate.

See what I did? Right there, from The Book. Looks like this assclown broke the hell out of some “teachings” there.

Does this pastor and/or church actually do anything other than spew vitriol, though? Its one thing to ignorantly vomit your bile-infused views on your hapless congregation, its another to get them to “take action” like setting up shop at a soldier’s funeral and calling the dead a “fag” and carrying signs that say something like “God is glad your son is dead” or some such nonsense. That actually inflicts real pain on grieving families.

The picture of him looked pretty creepy. That baby he’s holding … is he going to feed? :eek:

Ahhhh let the son of a bitch roast in the hell of his own making.

Judged according to thine own standards and all that.


If you’re going to post about religion, and make remarks about the beliefs of others, be prepared to answer for your own.

Basically, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Or in this case, the BBQ Pit.