I Pit Amazing Grace Baptist Church


This church represents all that is wrong with Fundamentalist Christanity to-day and I say this as an Evangelical conservative Christian. I strictly believe in salvation by faith BTW so don’t mistake me for some mainline liberal. Anyways this church is over-legalistic and damns people and churches as heretics for using a non-KJV Bible version or saying they don’t exactly follow the literal interpertation of the Creation in the Bible or because they use “satanic” rock music or because they shockers let women wear pants! :eek: These types of Christians have probably turned away more people from Christ and are even more extreme than the parody Landover Baptists Church.

I can’t find the video for this online right now, but my local news station interviewed the slack-jawed hick who leads this congregation, which consists of about 14 people.

I find it somewhat amusing that they’re also burning country music.

Maybe we’ll all get lucky, and their book burning will get a bit out of control, and their “church” and its members will get to feel the cleansing fires of martyrdom.
Or they could all get hit by a truck.

Tell them the earth is 4.5 billion years old and watch their heads explode!

Just curious, but can you define what a “mainline liberal” is? Is an atheist or an agnostic the same thing as a liberal? Or do you mean a socialist, or a cooperativist? the reason I ask is that from what I’ve read the early Christians were pretty “liberal” in terms of socioeconomic structure as well as a stated non-violent creed (turning the other cheek, etc).

I, for one, welcome our slack-jawed hick overlords

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

I won’t speak for the OP but in my personal experience the ELCA, the UU, and liberal Quakers (Friends) are all examples of people who follow a (n at least nominally) Christian faith but aren’t-like-y’know stupid about it.

I love the first sentence on the Dolly Parton page: “Dolly’s new album called Backwoods Barbie contains the song “Jesus and Gravity”, along with songs about adultery, drinking, carousing, breaking your martial vows and more of the like. She also got her bellybutton pierced.”

I mean the theologically liberal Christians especially of the Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Methodist denominations who tolerate homosexuals and even allow homosexual marriages, the ordination of women, salvation by good works, and so on.

Huh? So you’re not a “mainline liberal” therefore you’re intolerant toward homosexuals, do not believe in the ordination of women and do not believe in the concept of salvation by good works. And so on.

What makes your brand of Christianity better than the asshole bigots of your OP? Because you believe in rock and roll and letting women wear pants? :rolleyes:

I really am not sure what salvation by faith or works has to do with how liberal or conservative a theology is.

That being said, we at the library have had a very good time making fun of these people. I’ve always wondered what language they really think Jesus spoke.

Because it’s quite clearly stated in the Bible the three things you mention and the last one of salvation by faith at least is a core concept. On the other hand there is no mention in the Bible against rock and roll and only a broadly interpertive statement on women and men’s clothing.

Jesus didn’t say a damn thing about gays.

ETA: I think the usual concept is that your faith will manifest itself in works of charity and the like.

So anyone who deviates from your interpretation of the bible is damned for eternity. Who, exactly, gave you this authority and why is your viewpoint more valid than anyone elses?

It also says that faith without works is as dead as a corpse. So much for your “faith alone”. Did you also hear the parable of the sheep and the goats? What about “whatsoever you do to the least, you do unto me?”

Jesus said a lot about gays.

One of my favorite things He said about gays?

He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Then He told a big long story about how the “typical” pillars of the community passed by a man in need for selfish reasons, while a man whose people were essentially in a religious war with the Hebrews stopped and took care of him, and paid out of his own pocket for his recuperation- the upshot of that story being that your neighbor is everyone, even those people who would for all intents and purposes appear to be nothing like you, or even diametrically opposed to you.

Of course, Jesus didn’t flat-out say “Yo- GAY PEOPLE ARE OK!!! This means YOU, AMAZING GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH!” So I can see where they may have missed the message.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do any good works, but you must have faith first and foremost. Also homosexuality is condemned in the New Testament:

1 Corinithians 6:9-10 (NIV);

This does not mean however that I hate homosexuals, I merely believe it to be a sin.

You’re way out of your depth here. Search GQ and you’ll find several threads about how that quote is probably mistranslated.

The commonly used Greek term for homosexuals was paiderasste, but instead the Greek text uses the term arsenokoitai, which is unknown to modern scholars and may have nothing at all to do with sexuality.

Well good for you. You still aren’t any better than the group you linked to in the OP.

Oh and btw, what human wrote that passage in Corinthians?