I Pit Amazing Grace Baptist Church

I am completely free to think what is sin and what is not.

Also while it was a human (Paul) who wrote the Corinthians he certainly was inspired by God and not superseded unlike Mosaic Law.

Did I say otherwise? People are free to believe whatever crazy shit they want, it makes no never mind to me. I just thought it was funny that you were acting as if you were oh so higher and mightier than the OP group. You’re not.

Isn’t **Curtis **in 8th grade?

Is he? Maybe he’ll grow out of it then.

Lemme guess, you’re like what, twelve or so and still make sure to sleep with your hands outside the covers, right?

It doesn’t. It means Major League Baseball Designated Hitter.

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Or, perhaps, the term refers to a specific, unfathomably perverted sexual position which has since been lost to the mists of time. Kinda like Greek Fire.

I **KNEW **it!

Missed this somehow earlier. Gotta love Dolly, partially because of those exact reasons! She’s a sweetie and a hoot!

Asked about her wardrobe expenses, she says “Honey, you have no idea how much money it costs to look this cheap!”

Curtis: If you really want to have some fun with them, you can point out that they’re probably not using the original KJV themselves! Check the wiki for an explanation. :smiley:

Thirteen I believe.

Yip. He voted in the age poll, and voted 13 or under. He felt the need to specify that he was following the rules, as the board doesn’t allow you to post if you are under 13.

So It’s gonna be hard for me to forget that this guy as the youngest Doper.

I’ll give him some slack. Lots of kids go through a Jesus freak stage (I didn’t, but my brother did, which is why I turned out to be atheist…he and his crazy “rules” made me start questioning something I’d never questioned before).

I am not a Jesus Freak! I am just a Christian who’s trying to follow what I believe is truth and you know what, the vast majority of conservative and Evangelical Christians agree with the idea that homosexuality is a sin.

Let’s see some things that are different:

  1. I do not think the Roman Catholic Church is the “Whore of Babylon” and I don’t think all Catholics are automatically damned, I think there are many, many Catholics who are saved.

  2. As noted above I am not as puritanical as this church and approve of among other things (mildly) revealing clothing, movies, television, alcohol, and tobacco use.

  3. I do not think Christians are automatically wrong or damned because of their denomination; it all depends on their PERSONAL belief.

  4. This church if given the chance will establish a theocracy in the USA with only Christian theology taught in public schools, all alcohol banned (even for religious use!),a nd so on.

So is eating pork and shrimp, mixing fibers, having a glass of milk with your pastrami sandwich, and working and playing from Friday dusk to Saturday dusk. Somehow it’s OK to sell pork hot dogs at Friday night football games while wearing cotton and polyester shirts and handle a ball made of pig skin. I think hating fags makes it all OK though.

No, those are all in the Old Testament (Leviticus). Again, though, the argument that there’s anything about homosexuality in the NT is on very shaky ground, as noted above.

Certainly, no doubt about it, he said so himself.

Jebus hates drunks and swindlers? I’m fucked then.

Right, I always think of him as the kiddo. I’m not saying I’m going to dismiss everything he says summarily because he’s an 8th grader, but I do like to keep in mind that all of my ideas were not fully fleshed out when I was in junior high school, and neither were yours. And by “yours,” I’m referring to everyone. Hell, I’m working on them now.

Now then, Curtis, I’m still trying to figure out how your interpretation of what Christianity should be is any better than theirs. You’re against homosexuality, and for women wearing pants. They’re for ladies wearing skirts, and against improper music. They don’t agree with you, you don’t agree with them. Why’s your side better? Yes, you can use notes.