Ask The Patriotic American Intellectual Conservative Christian

In lieu of all the “Ask the…” threads here is Ask the Patriotic American Intellectual Conservative Protestant thread.

How do you parse your title?

why do you hate hyphens?

Isn’t “intellectual” and “Conservitive Protestant” an oxymoron?

  1. Is it true that you are 13 years old and in 8th grade?

  2. If the answer to (1) is yes, do you accept that life-experience might change your views in the future?

  3. Many Conservatives believe that the US in in danger of becoming ‘socialist’. Please define Socialism, and give examples of countries you (personally) fear (if you do) the US will become like.

Are you a child of money?

What’s 6x4?

Do you believe that policy is best decided upon using emotions or logic?

or emoticons and lols?

Aw hell, I’ll bite, even if this gets shut down soon.

My request is that you answer all of Johnny’s questions.

How are you intelligent? Have you skipped a grade? Offered to be skipped a grade? What is your IQ? How do you know you’re intelligent if you are (in fact) homeschooled? Are you in any gifted program? Have you been told by other people - adults - that you are intelligent? In what context?

And finally, do you have ADD, ADHD, any form of Asperger’s, dyslexia, or any mental difference between you and the average joe?

Approximately how old are you and have you ever served in the military?

1.What’s the secret to Life and/or happiness as you know it?

You don’t have to answer these 2 Q’s if you don’t want to, but I was curious:
2. How’d you find out about having Asperger’s? (IE: How’d your parents/doctors explain it?)
3. How do/did you deal with that sort of information at an early age?

  1. If you could do anything you wanted in life, what would you want to do? (Realistic then fictional answers)
  2. If you could change the world to "fix it in some instant-omnipotent way one time (ie: snap your fingers and change everything instantly), what would you do to make the world a better place?

This could be interesting…

To check the intellect level:

Do you still maintain that the Prime Minister of India is not an important part of the Indian Government?

How do you define the term “patriotism”? What do you do that you would consider patriotic?

As a self-proclaimed “intellectual conservative Christian,” how do you reconcile the Problem of Evil?

Do you believe in Noah’s Ark? If so, how do you square that with being a self-proclaimed “intellectual?”

Where were you the night of January 23rd?

Gaudere’s Law strikes again, oh intellectual.


Without consulting a dictionary, what do you consider to be the difference between patriotism and nationalism?

How high is up?

What is the capital of Assyria?