Study proves: Gays are born gay

Just like straights are born straight.


Anyone want to guess what Fred Phelps reaction to this will be? How about Pat Robertson?

In other news, the Pope IS Catholic and bears DO evacuate their bowels in the woods…

And where, exactly, does this article show that gays are born gay? I read it as indicating that the study finds a set of genes that determine whether one is (or feels?) male or female. I didn’t see anything indicating a genetic causation of sexual orientation.

The article points to a genetic cause for transgenderism, but that’s not the same as homosexuality. I’m homosexual, but male. There’s no confusion with my gender identity. I think the author might not understand the difference in the lead graph.

A rapid switch from “It’s an evil lifestyle choice” to “it’s a terrible genetic disease that Jesus can cure”

She probably was referring to this line:

Where the author came up with that conclusion is less obvious.

Upon rereading the article, it does spend more time discussing transgenderism and not homosexuality. I would be curious to see what the entire article says.

That’s not the whole article? Where could I find the full version? You’ve got me mighty curious, ivylass.

If you’re curious about the original full research article, it can be found in Volume 118 Issue 1-2 of Molecular Brain Research, with the article name being “Sexually dimorphic gene expression in mouse brain precedes gonadal differentiation”. I’ve only had the chance to read the abstract, but it seems to be only concerning itself with gender identity, with the emphasis on that gene expression has a much greater effect on the morphological characteristics of the brain, with regards to male/female characteristics, than hormonal exposure.

Pat Robertson already believes that transsexualism is just an “especially difficult burden” that God chooses to give to some of his children. He’s not quite as transphobic as one might expect.

I’ve never heard Phelps say anything about transgenders, although I should not be surprised if he just views us as another breed of homosexual.